Saturday, October 2, 2010

Purple Picture Frame

This frame just screamed Halloween to me....ornate and decorative and best of all it was inlaid with black velvet. As you can see the black velvet is covered with tape because I am ready to paint this beauty purple to go with my halloween theme. 
I used the plum purple spray paint color because I had some left over from my lovely purple chairs. 
You can see the black velvet. SO perfect for this theme. I then wanted the ornate details to show up better so I took silver paint and dry brushed the raised details. It adds a little sparkle and shows all the great details. 
Then I was trying to figure out what to put in the picture frame and I thought a portrait bust of a witch would be great. It took me three drawings to get one I liked. I used my home mat cutter and cut a peice of left over matboard for the inside of the frame. I also added a stripe detail to the inside of the frame. It is striped in purple, silver and black.  
I took this picture on the wrong setting but thought it was cool and looks all "ghosty" for halloween. Bwahahaha!!!
You can see the added detail the silver makes to the frame. Adds just a touch of sparkle. 
The original idea for the mantle was these windows. I was going to layer them and put a sillouette of a flying witch that would show in both windows layered. Great idea but, once they were sitting on the mantle, it just didn't look right for "this" theme. I needed some purple on the mantle to pull in the theme so this frame that I had found became my purple I needed on my mantle. 
So here is what the picture looks like hung on the mantle with the "happy halloween" and the "witch shop Potion sign". I love the witches boot that is purple and black and helps add color to the mantle. The witch letters (on the elft side of the picture) with the witch for the "I" I made a couple of years ago and they go great with my theme this year. My sister makes these type of wood letters for a booth every year and I went to her house for a girls weekend and we each made a cute sets. Fun weekend and really cute witch letters. I can't wait to show you everything put together with the purple/black witch theme. I am going to have to break it down in smaller posts because it is A LOT of pictures. I am SO excited to show you all how it turned out. Hopefully it was worth all the work!?!


The Merrell Family said...

Cass, your frame looks great. I REALLY like it.

Dana Day said...

Cassy, it turned out so cute. When I get to TX one of these years (ha ha) I will be excited to get back into decorating for the holiday myself! PS- My most favorite book of all time and the one I think started my love of witches at Halloween is a book called "The Little Leftover Witch" I still have my copy (and its out of print and now worth a lot of money. It is the cutest little book. I have re read it many times through my life. I think I related to the character Lucinda! :)


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