Saturday, June 26, 2010

Firework Hair Style for Heritage Days

I can't take credit for coming up with this hairstyle because I saw this fun hairstyle on a local television program, Studio 5 yesterday. Just in time for our local Heritage Days parade and fireworks.
It was really easy to do. I separated the hair into five sections (odd numbers are always best) and then put them in a rubber band to create pony tails. I then twisted the hair into a bun and kept twisting toward the base of the pony tail and then slide the tail of the hair under the last wrap of the rubber band. Super easy and really fun!
You then take pipe cleaners ( I like the sparkly ones) and wrap them around the base of the buns. You then wrap the rest of the pipe cleaner around your finger to create the curly Q's. I used the red, white and blue pipe cleaners to mimic the fun americana colors!
The hair style was called fireworks. It sure was fun to do something different for a fun occassions!

Try it yourself...the 4th of July is coming up soon! Create your own Firework hairdo on your little Americana Princess!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue Stripe Boy Dresser

I've been having a little fun lately trying to finish my kids rooms. I've been so busy doing everything else that they were left about half done. The dressers for the boy's room were wood but, didn't match and my oldest son's dresser was the wrong size and shape for the space so, I had to dig into my inventory of dressers (okay, I only had two but, one of them worked perfectly so that's all that mattered). Here's the before shots so you can see what I was working with.
Good bones, so I sanded primed and then spray painted...yep, I said spray paint and I learned my lesson. I will never try to spraypaint navy blue...after four cans of spray paint...I gave up and went and purchased a can of paint and got the smooth finish that I expected.
The old hardware was brass...YUCK! All you out there that love condolences....I just don't love it. So, I replaced the hardware on the big dresser with brushed nickel. Such beautiful hardware!
 I didn't just want a solid blue needs some character...
So, I bought the new frog painters tape to try it out and I would definitely recommend it! Worth it's weight in gold! Perfect tape lines!
I wanted a subtle stripe on the dressers like an airport runway. I didn't want it another color but, just another "sheen". So, the dresser is satin finish and then I used the same brand polyeurethane for a high gloss stripe. It turned out SO cool!!  I will show the whole room reveal when it's finished but, I am just getting started with the dressers. So, stay tuned...

This dresser is so sturdy that it is the new home for our turtle tank. We've had them seven years now!
You can see the subtle stripe with crisp lines.
The second dresser only had one stripe. So, the dressers are alike yet not matchy, matchy!
I will show the whole room when it's done. The pictures show the dressers more blue than they really are but, if you look at the pictures where I am striping the dressers, that is more their true color. The boys LOVE their dressers and I am excited that I am finally getting around to finishing a half done project! Stay tuned for the whole room reveal!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silver Aqua Dresser

As I was standing in my daughter's room trying to decide what color to do her dresser, I just kept thinking that I didn't want to do pink or brown. Her room is in the pink/brown colors but, it's definetely not the typical little girl's pink and brown. As I was contemplating a better color choice, I look to the window with all the small panes of glass and see the aqua color in the pictures and know this would be such a fun pop of color for the room. It would make the brown walls just become a neutral and the brighter pink and aqua would make the room more "big" girl and not so baby
This is the antique dresser I bought on ksl. I got a killer deal on it and fell in love with the architectural details of the dresser. The top drawers are curved from top to bottom following the design of the dresser. So cool! The bottom two drawers bowed out from the middle to the outside. Love it!
I took out the antique mirror out so I could paint the dresser and took off the glass knobs off the top drawers. It was missing four of the original hardware knobs. I did find some replica knobs that matched really well with the orignal hardware.

After it was painted, I wanted a silver leafing look on the front of the drawers. I started by using contact paper and making my own design but, after two hours of tracing I started to exacto out my design and realized that the contact paper was not going to be worth my time to keep cutting out. It was disappointing yet, I found a really cool laser cut out that made my silver leafing easier.

The silver turned out so cool! Once the design was done, it was quite busy so I was excited to put the black glaze over the top to help tone it down. The glaze took off some of the silver which made it look vintage and unique. Love that!

The architectural details of the legs of the dresser are one of the reasons I love this dresser. You just don't see this kind of detailing a lot anymore. The black glaze accented all this great detail!
Here's the sneak peak into my daughter's bedroom where this beauty now lives!
This is the window/picture frame was the inspiration for the cool color of the dresser!
Here are the other fun things in the room. This is the growth chart!
The bed is going to be changed to a twin soon to create more room. She is using the spare bed from the last house. It's time she get her own little girl's bed.
This is her new kid's chair that I found for a great price and is her puppies new favorite spot.
This is her first dresser/desk. She needed a little more space as her clothes get a little bigger every year.
This shelf is hung from the ceiling and keeps her special items out of reach!
These are the knobs that I found that are replica antique knobs. I was thrilled to find some that match!
This is her heritage doll that was made by a good friend of mine.We gave it to her for Christmas last year. The jewelry peices are from my mother...who she was named after. She treasures this keepsake!
I made this lamp last year to bring more pink in the room and to mimic a dance tutu.
This dresser has such fun character and is such a great addition to my daughter's room.


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