Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patriotic Mantle

I love my patriotic mantle. It’s such a change from anything I’ve ever done (due to space and permanent fixtures). I brought in the gold in the frames of the kids at the Great Salt Lake and this was accented by the vintage gold angel wings.
I changed my mantle vignette a few times before I finally settled on a simpler vintage camera vignette.
I added a scale for height and interest. The turquoise blue color also helped to tie in the Letter “T” and the “Liberty” sign which weren’t your typical Patriotic blue color.
The vintage angel wings are my newest find and I love them. I can also see me using them with my angel baby’s stocking at Christmas! Love it!!
Another item that added interest was the surveyor pole. It extends really tall and can lengthen or shorten to different lengths.
I tried a lot of vignette’s but, they looked great for detail shots but, were too busy and distracted from the large flag and gold frames. It competed too much so I edited back down to the cameras.
I did love the details but, it looked better as a whole mantle to be edited. So, alas I put my red,white and blue airmail letters back in the cubby cabinet. (LOL They look cute there too!!)
The mantle started as a blank canvas and I kept adding until I was happy with the result but, I had planned how I wanted them hung before I hung the sign and picture frames.
And it turned out like this….a beautiful patriotic mantle with a splash of an unexpected blue color. I love it, because that blue is all over my house….so it fits right in!!
I love this picture of the kids, with the baby crying because it was so cute!! We sat her down and she didn’t like it and my friend snapped this photo! I love it! As soon as you picked her up, she would stop crying…love remembering that funny moment in time!
I love my patriotic mantle, all ready for the 4th of July and Summer!


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