Thursday, August 26, 2010

Candle Posts

These two beauties have been sitting in my shed for at least two years. I know it's been at least that long because there were one of the few unfinished projects that I took with me when we moved two years ago. I figured if I hadn't done them they weren't interesting enough and they probably shouldn't come with me to our new house. These beauties were one of the few things that made it....I know.....who could leave the old antique stair posts behind. I had plans to make these into candle posts.
The tops had an oval rounded top...almost looking like acorns. I cut off the tops but, forgot to take a picture before I cut off the "acorn" top off. I needed it flat to add the wood for the candle holding part.
I found these plaques at Hobby Lobby for between $.99 and $1.49 a peice. They were perfect because I don't have the right tools to cut out a circle and router the edges. So, these pre-made peices were perfect!! I hadn't thought about these posts in quite a while but, when I saw these pre-made plaques...I knew it was finally time to finish the candle posts!! Yeah...finally.....just a few years in the making...better late than never!!!
I used the square ones to make a base at the bottom. The post would stand by itself but, I wanted it sturdier with a broader base. I screwed two screws in the first one then when I put the second wood peice on I put three screws in a diagnal across so I wouldn't hit the previous screws. Then a little wood glue between and wood filler for the cracks.
Now that the bases were done, it was time to add some to the top.
For the top I wanted it circular. I needed a nail through the top wood peice so the candles would have something to sit on and not slide off. I pre-drilled a hole then hammered the nail through before I glued the two circular peices together. I then screwed three screws to secure the plaques from the top and filled them with wood filler to create a smooth top.
The wood posts have a ton of character!! One of the posts needed a little fixing so that it wouldn't sliver little fingers. I glued the edge and then filled it with a little wood glue. I then sanded everything down so that it would be ready to paint. There was some old glue on one side of the post. I started sanding it with the belt sander and it became hot and gooey so I grabbed my paint scraper and took it off easier with the scraper than the sander.
I then primed and painted the candle posts black. I was going to sand the edges to reveal the grey underneath but, it looked better all black. You never know until you try.
All painted!
The candle posts are about three inches different in height...which makes them perfect side-by-side (one taller than the other) or if they are on either side of the can't tell and they look great too! 
The candle posts are really tall. I pulled the dining room chair over so you could see how tall they are. They are around four feet tall.
The nail is ready for a candle or some really great halloween decor (wouldn't a pumpkins look great on top too)!! Yeah Fall is around the corner! I L-O-V-E to decorate for Halloween!
The two round plaques blend right in when painted the same color as the can't tell they weren't original....LOVE that!!!
The bases blend in great too!! bought plaques...who knew!! LOL
See, they look great on both sides of the mantle...sorry for the bad picture.
I love the character and details on the candle posts. The posts are old and aren't perfect but that's what I love about them. They are beautiful in their own way!! I can see even putting a small nail on the block part and hanging a cute wreath on the side with a beautiful candle up many possibilities! Wait to see what I do with these for Halloween!!!
Just waiting for candles....and some fun decorating!!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink Ruffle Edge Pillow

The pink ruffle edge pillow is going to go in the back of the pillows on the bed. I knew only the edges would show when the pillows were stacked on the bed so that is where I put the details. I added a cute hot pink ruffled edge. So fun!
The bloom pillow won't go directly in front of the pink ruffled pillow but, they are the pillows I have finished so I wanted to show the color combinations. So cute!
I love cording on the edges of pillows but, I love how the ruffle adds a cute feminine touch to the pillow since you will mostly only see the edges of this pillow. Love it and now I can do the bolster pillow. Happy sewing!

Custom Sheet Set

Due to the custom size of the matress...between a twin and toddler bed...I had to custom make the sheets. I actually bought a twin bed sheet set and altered them. I used one corner from the original sheets then I pinned the other corners to make the sheet the right size. I then added elastic to the under side so it was like a regular fitted sheet. I didn't alter the flat sheet because I could just tuck the extra under it.


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