Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Fun!

As soon as I finished this beauty I knew Valentine's decorations were finally ready to make their appearance. I had everything ready to decorate and this beautiful blue peice set the stage for the lovely pinks and reds. 
I pulled out my vintage weight scale that I want to use for newborn photos and got a little use out of it early. I added a few pounds of yummy m&m's. It looks like 3 pounds of candy but, the jar is really heavy and weighed almost 2 pounds. So, there isn't ask much candy as it looks. 
The tree was given to me by my mom. She thought it would look great as a halloween tree but, I  never got around to painting it until now (which doesn't mean it won't be painted black for halloween, Hee Hee) so I decided it needed to be chocolate brown. 
The tree was hung upside down and painted a satin chocolate brown. The slight sheen makes it looks like it was dipped in chocolate. Yum! 
I then used rocks and dirt to fill the vase to give it enough weight to hold the tree.
I didn't want the tree to fall over.
I found these charms at hobby lobby and just had to add the string to get them to hang on the tree. Everything Valentine-ish was 40 % off so it cost about $1.70.  

The large apothecary jar was filled with reindeer moss and a huge glittered heart. 
I love all the valentine colors that candy comes in...it makes it easy to decorate with. 
I added a red lampshade to the tea pot lamp although I think this lamp would look lovely with a rounded b&w shade.  The red is perfect for Valentine's day! 
The blue sets the stage for all the pink, red and brown. So fun!! 
Finally ready for some Valentine Fun!
Cassy Final


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