Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine’s Chalkboard

I love Valentine’s! Not really for the night out on the town….let’s get real…as a couple, we’ve never been big on going out for Valentine’s because we usually celebrate at home with the family. Sometime close to the date, we usually will go out for lunch or dinner…. Something, just the two of us.
It’s a special time of year for our family. Our son, Jacob was born/passed away the day after Valentine’s and we celebrate all the love he has brought into our lives! Some years it’s been a sad reminder of all we’ve lost but, we are celebrating with love and happiness this year!
I used the image from graphic’s fairy. Here is the link to the Bee.
This bee is divine. I saw this “Bee Mine” design on a chalkboard on the this blog. At My vintage window , she had free-handed the chalkboard using the graphic’s fairy bee image. I used the idea from my vintage window  and made me my own “Bee Mine” chalkboard. Love great design!
The crown is hand sketched and the MINE lettering is in the font EcuyerDax.
Bee Mine
This red frame had an ugly painting inside. Instead of replacing the painting (it’s nicely finished into this frame) with a chalkboard, the ugly painting was painted over with chalkboard paint right on the ugly painting. Quick and easy way to make a painting into a chalkboard. It’s not as solid when you are chalking but, it works great!!DSC_0082-1_edgeBlur
Because one chalkboard just isn’t enough, I had my other chalkboards to change to Valentine’s chalkboard. I saw a fun light bulb/quote on pinterest that I pinned over a year ago. I was willing to try and make it chalkboard art.
love has a glowing effect
I instantly loved this light bulb quote and knew I wanted it to be one of my Valentine chalkboards and then I could decorate with my vintage light bulbs. Love!DSC_0144_edgeBlur
I absolutely loved how it turned out!!
The lightbulb was really fun to make look like a glass bulb. I just kept shading until I thought it looked like enough. I just Love the message….Love really does have glowing effects!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I LOVE Chalkboard Art!!! LET’S MAKE A CLUB!!

Cassys phone 10-21-13 4240
As I am going through my photos to find the pictures of my chalkboards, I realize that I REALLY love chalkboard art! It’s a great way to create art to go with each and every season. I’m realizing, I do this almost monthly. I think we should start a monthly chalking club…..who’s with me??? New art to go with each season….Oh Yeah!! Let’s go down memory lane from this last little while of chalkboard art…..shall we?…
 Cassys phone 10-21-13 4252
Even events that I decorated for this last year had chalkboard art. I love this lovely vintage silver/gold leafed frame that I found at an Iowa Flea market and have used it a few times this year. It has been at back-to-school ladies socials, baby showers and prominently displayed at Christmas! I might love this framed chalkboard, as you will tell over the seasons, I used it a lot!
The “ice cold milk” chalkboard was changed at Halloween to go with the mad scientist theme. This crazy haired scientist was the perfect addition to the mad scientist’s lair.
I even used a tree limb, cut in chunks, painted with chalkboard paint for the “count down to Halloween” party favors! Even the kids were part of the chalkboard art love!
Bat Mobile
This chalkboard was changed up at Halloween to be a funny “seize the day before you become a skeleton” chalkboard art, although the art came out a little serious looking……hmmm what will I do next year?
My real slate chalkboard was decked out in Halloween using some of the same lines I had in my Bicycle Chalkboard.
By using the existing lines, I could easily change the Bicycling chalkboard to Halloween. So smart! I love hand chalking!
Merry  Christmas Chalkboard
Before the Bicycling Chalkboard, it was “Merry Christmas!”
With the white ornate frame displaying an “Oh Holy Night!” chalkboard from the famed Christmas Carol.
This chalkboard I designed off a chalkboard art of “I love salt air in my hair” from burlap and denim. I took the same design set-up and made it fall. Our chalkboards were the same shape so I used her general set-up and created my own with the same style.
This was the chalkboard I did for my friend’s vintage carnival themed baby shower. I chalked a carousel horse from a small image from a metal artist that would put this horse into your metal fence….hmmm interesting? Horses in metal fences isn’t my thing But, what a great image! I stressed about this one because I wanted it to be perfect for her shower!! It turned out amazing!
Cassys phone 10-21-13 4404
The carousel horse was featured prominently on the drinks table!
Fall has such lovely phrases and colors! Chalkboard art was added to the season with another chalkboard art in my silver/gold leafed frame. I love the reminder, to Give Thanks!
Chalkboard all chalked but, in need of some fun fall decorating!
There, that is better….some pumpkins, books, and some yummy fall colors make the chalkboard art delicious!
This Christmas my family was heading home for Christmas and this chalk art just resonated with me. The image was a free download from nestofposies.com. I added the extra greenery and flower at the bottom because my chalkboard was longer than the image and it was needing a little something.
The last chalkboard of the year was the one above my fireplace. The silver/gold leaf frame was used again yet changed to mimic the theme of my Christmas season….Christmas Carols! The chalkboard art above my mantle had to be a Christmas song and Holly Mathis created this “Oh come all ye faithful” , so I used her basic image and then personalized it. Love great design!
So who’s with me…..should we make this a monthly club? I’m in…..I change mine almost monthly anyways. Who wants to join? I am already finding amazing images for Valentine’s……

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don’t want to forget Christmas!

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I didn’t want to not blog about it. My family travelled to my home town for Christmas and we spent it surrounded by family. We loved our time there! Since we were traveling for Christmas, I kept my decorating simple and mostly in the front room.
The theme of this year was Christmas Carols!
I started my mantle with an “Oh come all ye faithful” chalkboard, added my “Joy” German Glass Glitter Letters in an antique frame and finished it off with beautiful vintage angel wings in an antique frame (of course!)!
Candle lights and greenery are finished with berries. The greenery grounded the mantle and the candle lights provided shimmer at nights creating a magical feel to the room.
The room was kept with mostly reds and white colors. Usually I throw in lime green for a unexpected twist to the Christmas green but, I just kept all my lime green in my Christmas bins. I love the simplified color scheme this year!
I am in love with German Glass Glitter and couldn’t resist putting out my “wish” letters on my cubby hole cabinet. Love me some beautiful glitter!
I chalked a “No place like Home for the Holiday” chalkboard because it perfectly stated what I was excited about for this season…..GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY!! Wahoo!!
In the couch area I kept with a snow theme, that way I could get extended use out of the d├ęcor because I could leave it up through January! Bring on the Snow!!
I used simple plastic snowflakes from the dollar store to secure the “Snow” theme. They looked great perched on the vintage shelf.
The front entry was filled with a typewriter announcing “Merry Christmas” and a vintage Christmas Carol book under my glass dome with simple berry garland around everything.
I flipped my 9 ft. around and exposed the original red paint. I hung a boxwood wreath with ribbon. So pretty!
The mantle bottom ledge was finished with an antique box filled with all the parts to make a snowman complete with a black top hat! Love the possibilities, now all we need is some snow!
I love all the detail ornaments in the cubby cabinet. I have ornaments from my childhood, grandmother and new ones that I love! I love that it give me a place to display these memories!
This room is magical at night! The lights on the tree, mantle and lamps create a room that invites the Christmas holidays with Carols Singing everywhere you look!
I hope this holiday season was great for all of you because it was magical for my family and I! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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