Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chair and Ottoman

This chair and ottoman turned out gorgeous! The chair has great detail on the back, arms and legs. I upholstered the seat in the same as the ottoman. The green/grey soft corderoy is the perfect element to make the chair so soft. Th flower is made out of 100% wool. I felted wool and then created these flowers. The center of the flower is a silver/black button. I put a flower on the polka dot pillow for the chair and a flower on the ottoman. The flower that I put on the ottoman has two leaves out of the striped and dark print wool . So cute!! Around the ottoman is a strip of double sided polka dot print fabric that is ruffled and finished with black trim and dark nail heads. The ottoman had a wood base which made it great to finish and secure the ruffle detail with nail heads.

Such a great chair with a ottoman to relax your feet on. The fabric is soft and the added wool flowers add such a great design element. I love this set!

Green Rocking Chair and Quilted Cupboard

This green rocking chair is an antique. The lines of the peice and the solid wood is what makes this such a great rocking chair. The pictures doesn't show very well how pretty the color is but, you can go see it in person at the SILVER DRAWER in Syracuse, Utah. Boy, this picture makes it hard to tell the color of this rocker. It is the prettiest green color. The edges have been distressed and stained. The seat has a circle that I handpainted a gingham print in and floated the edges with antiquing gel. It turned out so pretty. The top of the rocker has three smaller circles with the same design of gingham print with the same floating.
This cupboard is just over three feet tall. It is the perfect little storage cupboard. It would be great in a nursery or a bathroom. The fun buttons and green fabric makes this a great storage peice. This is the cutest little cupboard. It has one shelf inside and would be perfect to hold diapers or in a bathroom to hold extra towels or toilet paper. The front of the cupboard has a quilted look to it with the fabric covered buttons that are cream corderoy with small brown polka dot. The green fabric is a subtle plaid with cream lines. The cupboard is a fun brown color that brings it together. This cupboard would be so cute with the rocking chair in a nursery or childs room. I didn't even do these two peices at the same time and they look perfect together. It's funny how that happens!

These are the fabric cream courderoy polka-dot buttons on the fabric. The door has batting in it to created the quilted effect. What a fun little storage cupboard!

Cherry Red Chair

This chair is such a great antique chair. It just screamed to be painted red. I found the best material that is so happy. I hand stitched some Yo Yo's and layered them to create flowers. The center is fabric covered buttons in coordinating fabric. The leaves are hand stitched in the middle to create the center line of a leaf. The edge has cording in a red fabric that has small pink and green flowers. It's hard to see the details of the fabric in this picture but, is really cute.
I love the style and shape of this antique chair. The curve of the center peice of the back of the chair is definetely something you don't see alot of and the style of the arm's sillouette this perfectly.
What a great cherry red chair!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Paisley Table

This old wood table is so cute! I decided to paint it cream, distress it and then add the paisley print to the top. Then I hand edged the design in a brown/black paint and sealed it for durability. The hardware on the drawer is a black pull with brown metal. Fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pink Striped Dresser

This dresser is pink on pink with the original hardware. The dark pink was painted first and then the lighter pink was painted in stripes. The hardware had to be painted with metal paint a chocolate brown color. I love the original's nothing that you can buy! This dresser comes from the original idea of my daughter's dresser. I used the same idea and loved how it turned out so I decided to do a dresser to sell with the same idea. I think it's so cute!

Screen Door Picture Hanger

This screen door has all the original hardware and I painted it black to go with everything. The matboard peices are brown, tan, black, and beige are the colors of the matboard peices. I am including a picture of my original screen that is hung in my house so you can see how to hang the pictures on the matboard. I love the large size of the screen because you could hang more pictures or a little sign on it if it had a theme. So many possibilities!!

Antique Window and Star

This is an antique window that I painted red and than glazed black. The star is hung with a green ribbon using the original hardware from the window. The star's patterns (B&W and red) are magnetic and can be removed or changed with the seasons. You can make new ones using the existing ones as patterns. Really fun, I have made one for myself!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harlequin Dresser/ Side Table

This side table was really interesting to do. I had so many ideas it was hard to narrow it down to what I did. I found a great design that I loved and went with it. The side table base is black with: cream, tan, brown, antique brown and silver. These colors would look great anywhere!

This antique dresser was so cute. It's hard to see but, the top has a wave on the front and it goes in where the keyhole is placed. The harlequin design was handpainted! I crackled the ivory to give it some added texture but, the harlequin design isn't perfect...and that's the way I wanted it to look. So, it was a little nerve wracking to do the design by hand. The fleur de lis hand pulls were perfect to add the right touch. I found a key that I hung on the drawer pull for added character that matches the keyhole on the top drawer. This antique dresser has great design and the side board peices add so much! The back still has a old sticker that shows that it was shipped by railroad, I love added details!

These were fun to do!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Summer Chair and Unique Picture Frames

This chair is similar to the summer chair I made for myself but, this time I added fun red ties to it!! So fun and so summery!!

These are panel doors off of cupboards. I refinished them and added B&W paper to go in them to be the mats of pictures. You could add cute square pictures in the middle and it would be so cute!The handled are pewter with antique black. There are picture hangers on the back to hang on the wall, all you have to do is add the pictures!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goodie but Oldie Chair!

I love goodies but oldies. This chair reminds me of my grandma. She had the exact same chair and I loved that it had little steps to sit on the chair. I reupholstered it to match my kitchen and sits with the bar stools. The fabric is covered in plastic so that the kids don't ruin it. Maybe someday I won't have to plastic everything in my kitchen but, maybe that won't ever happenl. LOL I have really tall cupboards and this will be a step stool for me to get to the top of the cupboards and it's also a booster chair for my kids. It's great for adults too since it sits at bar chair heighth. Fun, simple little redo project!!
BEFORE, it was a plain tan vinyl fabric. The chair needed a good sanitizing, a little repainting and reupholstering. The chair was very solid and just needed updating.


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