Saturday, September 19, 2009

Corn Stalks

This year I got to decorate with our home grown corn stalks!! get to eat the delicious corn then use the stalks to decorate cool!!

This year we were excited to plant our first garden with corn. Boy was it yummy! We got just enough to eat for the summer at plenty of barbecues and for dinner. It sure was tasty! So, I was excited we would have corn stalks to decorate with.

I had to head to the local cow poke store and find me some metal fence post thingy's. I am sure you farmers out there can let me know their technical name but, I had to point them out of a book for the lady to know exactly what I wanted. Seriously, I need to research what an item is before I go looking for it at the local feed store. I got a good laugh out of my trip but, I am sure the lady was rolling her eyes at me. I really don't know what their real name is...stakes that hold corn stalks up....don't you think that should be their name!?! LOL Anyway, I had just enough corn stalks to do four bunches to line the walkway's with!! I just LOVE FALL!!!

Halloween Window Sillouettes

I found some great Halloween window clings this year. I am adding it to my Halloween decoration collection. They were just a full sheet and me being who I am wanted them to look great with out the lines, so I spent the time and exacto'd them out by hand. Definetely worth the effort because the effect is awesome!! So, I thought I would share my fun new addition to my Halloween collection. I will add some of the other decorating ideas soon!!

The pumpkins are at the bottom of the boy's bedroom window. The witch is in the second window and the tree with ravens is in the window by the front door.

I tried to take pictures at night so that you could see the effect but, I don't know if it just wasn't dark enough because they looked really vivid in person but look dark in the pictures. Oh well, you can at least see them to see what the windows look like.

I used the leftover window clings to put in the kitchen cupboards. I have a couple glass front cabinets so I added the extra's to it. They look really great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memorabilia Shadow Box Cupboard

This is one of my favorite projects that I have done. This was originally a built-in cupboard or some kind of shelving cupboard. Of course I didn't leave it as such! It was an awesome mint green color with oak accents. LOVELY!!!?!! Well, I changed all that by sanding and painting it out a light ivory color. I added a pink accents on the edges by doing a dry brush technique. This adds just a little bit of pink to add the perfect touch.

The back of the cupboard, I added the batting, fabric, buttons and ribbon to create a french memory board. The buttons are tied through the wood to the back so it is really secure. The ribbon creates the perfect way to display photos or to attatch small objects. This is a really fun way to create a display cabinet so that your precious items aren't packed away in a box but are being seen and protected behind glass.
This is the handles. I added details of small flowers and hearts to add some decorative elements to the original hardware.

This is the details I added to the corner of the glass. This one above is in the bottom right corner of the glass and the picture below is the detail I added in the upper left corner. The picture below has the word of "Love" by the paisley print and the flowers in the upper picture has the word of "Cherish" right above the flower. It's hard to see the word cherish because the picture didn't get rotated up.

The dress is my daughter's Easter dress she wore when she had just turned a year old. The picture is of her in that special dress. This cupboard would be really fun to display the shoes in the bottom or use some ribbon to tie them to the french board in the back.

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Fall and Halloween Signs

These were originally cupboard doors to probably a kitchen. I took them, sanded them down, painted them. Then I crackled the inside of the panels with some cream paint. The letters are chipboard, and other letters I had in my studio. See, there is a reason why I collect so much stuff. LOL

Each of the autumn letters were painted in the "fall" colors and the leaves I painted to match the letters then tied them with ribbon.

The edge of the trick or treat sign is some spooky tree's that I had in my Halloween collection of stuff. They add such a great element to the sign.

This Halloween sign I added a boarder of some of my favorite Halloween paper that I mod podged on. You can't see this in the picture but the lettering is glittery.

These signs are so fun and I love whe you can use something that would have been thrown away and make something so great and usable again. I love repurposing things. The signs are so fun and it goes along with my love for this Fall season and Halloween. Who doesn't love this time of year?!!

Antique Halloween Witch Window

This is my Halloween witch window. It is made from an antique window that I redid. I should have hung the window on the wall to really show it off but, I just propped it up against the stairs to get the picture. Oh well, sometimes you don't notice those things until you are already done.
I added a Heavy Duty Chain and ribbon to be ablet o hang the window. The window is antique and a solid peice so I added a solid hanger so that it could be hung.

This is the added detail to the edges. I dry brushed some Halloween paint colors to add a fun accent.

The black witch is a window cling that I exacto'd out because I am a perfectionist. I didn't like lines across the window so I spent the extra time and trimmed it. I love how it turned out!! The effect is so cool in was hard to get that to show in the pictures.

It's hard to see the cauldron in this picture because of the dark hardwood floors....should have hung it up but, I guess you guys get the picture. It is so cute..I mean person!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brown Antique Tie Chair

Here's the original SOUND chair...but, too boring....let's add a little creativity and spunk!!

Here is the chair good shape but in need of a really cool update. I took the seat off and wove antique/vintage ties to create a seat. Here is what the weave looked like when I was done mixing and matching colors. I love the ties!! Then I tied the ties underneath to secure the weave and then cut the excess. It took a while to decide whether to cut or not but, I liked it a little more clean looking soooo....I cute the ends. Turned out really cute!!

The chair was painted espresso brown to match all the brown tie colors. It's a fabulous color!!

Here's what it looks like with the seat in it. Turned out so fun!!

Such a fun unique tie chair!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pink Flower Chair

This pink chair turned out so cute! I added the cushion seat to add comfort and also more of the blue color. The pink tac's around the edge are painted to match the color of the chair. The cushion is handmade and is appliqued with pinwheel flowers. The stems are green ric rac and the centers are the same fabric as the seat.

The ties and cording edges are made out of a complimentary blue fabric. The chair is such a cute little chair and would look great in a little girl's room.
Great custom girl's chair that would be fun in any girl's room!!

Activity Desk

This desk had a really modern shape to it so I decided to use all the surfaces for educational purposes. The ruler is handpainted and the magnet board has a wooden frame.

This is the handpainted ruler. It turned out so cool. I am glad that it turned out as good as I had envisioned in my head.

This is the desk is not a great picture. You can't see the shelf with the green baskets on it. The shadow doesn't show the magnet board very well. You can see the paper hung by bulldog clips inside for drawing.

This is the shelf underneath that holds all the art supplies, papers, chalks and extra magnets! Such a cool shelf!

This is the chalk board side. It is opposite the magnet board side. It also has a wooden frame and turned out awesome!


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