Saturday, May 28, 2011

Newborn Photos using an Antique Egg Basket

Our baby girl's Newborn photo's using an antique egg basket. 
I bought an antique egg basket off of threepotatofour (located in Pennsylvania). I looked around locally for months for one of these and couldn't ever find one. When I found one with the perfect turquoise coloring, I knew it would work perfectly for newborn photos and I could use it later in my studio for storage. 

Because the basket has authentic rust (LOL, I crack myself up!) and patina, I had to seal the basket before I could use it. 
I hung it so I could spray it with sealer. 

I used the basket for all the plastic eggs I had in my easter decorations until I needed it for pictures. 
So, not only is it good for decorating and storage for my studio but, was the perfect addition to the newborn photo shoot. It worked out beautifully!! 

Infants are only tiny enough once to fit in an egg basket and I am SO glad I found a beautiful turquoise egg basket to take with my newborn photos.
Cassy Final

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Newborn Baby Photo using the Old Scale and Basket

When I bought this scale I knew I wanted it for my newborn photo shoot. I also love to use it for decorating for other holiday's as well. I used it for Valentine's and put a glass jar with yummy candy on top. 
It added heighth and visual interest to my Valentine's display. A scale with a weight of delicious chocolate....perfect for Valentine's celebrating! 
The basket was found at a local thrift store for 50 cents. It was the perfect size to set on top of the scale for the newborn photos. The inside of the basket (the bottom) was the size of the top of the scale so it was the perfect size. We are now using the white painted basket on top of my blue sideboard to hold my husbands keys, wallet and badge from work. It's decorative and functional.
All I had to do to the basket was to paint it antique white for the newborn photo because I was looking for a softer look than the natural brown color of the original it got painted.
Wahooo!!! I love how the old scale and painted basket look in the photo (my awesome neighbor helped me pull off my vision)....and the newborn photo of my new baby girl turned out beautiful!!!! She's SO little!!! Love that little baby girl!!
Cassy Final

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our New Arrival

I know I haven't blogged lately but, I've been busy with this little lady. She is now two weeks old and we are loving every minute!!

I just finished doing newborn photos with my cute friend (we did a few sessions) with all of those props that I had been painting and finishing for the photoshoot, which turned out awesome. I can't wait to show you all!!

She is precious and we love her SO much! After losing our last baby boy this makes it all the sweeter. We feel SO blessed!
Cassy Final


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