Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chocolate Brown Finial Bench

This is such a great classical bench. It's a little different style of bench than I've done before but, I really like the lines of it and the style is just awesome! I think someone could get a vinyl cut out in a monogram or their full name and put it on the back. That would definetely make it custom with a monogram letter or your name! It looks great plain too...just so many options!
This picture is of the finials so you could see the details. Such great details!

The background color of the fabric is a sagey green/grey color. It is beautiful with the chocolate brown color. I love the design!

This bench is a Chocolate brown color. I haven't done one this color yet and it turned out beautiful. The classical lines of the bench lend itself to the design of the fabric. They compliment each other well and I love the brown in the fabric. Leave a comment and let me know if you like this style of bench! I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


These two pictures look the same but, if you look closely you will see that they have different back cushions on them. They both have the blue color in them but, they are a little different. The plaid has a little red, yellow and sage green with the blue.

This bench has stripes of green and blue with cream. It looks a little more sophisticated just because of the pattern of the fabric. The plaid one is a little more fun. But, I really can't decide which one I like better....I really like them equally. Boy, I sound like the mother of twins. Actually now that I say that, these really would be perfect for twin boys. They are similar yet unique in their own way. But, I can sell them seperately.

These are the two benches side by side. They are so cool!! Each Unique yet so cute!!

I am posting about one of my favorite projects to finish ever! I just made two almost identical benches kinda by accident. I actually found a bed that had the exact headboard and footboard. I also had two crib ends SO....... I made two almost identical benches. I havn't made any boy benches yet and some people have been asking when am I going to do boy benches. SO, the wait is is not only one...but two!! I love how the bench seats are identical but, the back cushions are different. If someone is dying to have them identical...I do have enough fabric to do identical plaid benches but, I like that they are similar but not identical.

These boy benches really were neat to do. The star detail was added because on the pink (girly) bench it had long rails. This one is more solid so I had to add the star holders to attatch the pillows to the bench. This little detail really adds such a cute element. It might be one of my favorite parts about the bench.
I don't know if I'll make many more children's benches because they are a lot of work and I don't make very much on them. So, if you are interested let me know. These are one-of-a-kind and I can't duplicate them again (Hee Hee I just made a funny....I made two of these....that really was coincidence that I could find parts for back and sides the same. ) Every bench is unique and original.

Black Houndstooth Antique Chair

This is the cutest old chair. It was really fun to refinish. I upholstered a new seat in it. I thought it could use a little comfort. The houndstooth fabric adds a fun, hip element to an old classic. I loved it and was trying to find somewhere for it to go but, I guess I can't keep everything! LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poppy Table and two Chairs

Here are the pictures of the table and chair set that I promised. You can see how cute the set is. Because I had done one chair before we found the pair and was already done and in the store. So, I finished the other to match and the table to compliment it. I think it's a great set!

This fossil, black and white poppy table is one of my favorites!! I love the colors!

I used the design elements from the fabric on the chair to mimic on the table. I hand painted the table to match the chairs and to add a fun design element. I love how they compliment each other!

The table has the best design details. The little claw foot is so cool! I love the design of the table and also the shape of the column...a great little table!

The ties are satin ribbons that help the cushion stay on the chair and add another style element. I just love this little chair and table set!

This little set turned out great! The design on the chair cushion is where the design idea for this set came from. I made the chair and then did the table to compliment it. The fossil color perfectly compliments the black and white poppy fabric. I love it!! A great set for a small nook or a master bedroom sitting area. So cute! I forgot to take a picture with both chairs and the table so I will try to get that picture and add it to this post.


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