Saturday, April 26, 2014

A little wood nourishment



I love my cubby cabinet. It is dusted with a Swiffer duster weekly to get around all the little items in each space. I had been noticing it needed some real nourishment. I really want to protect this beautiful antique piece so I decided to try Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil. She uses it for finishes over paint and stain and it is supposed to nourish from the inside out. Make your piece even better. So I wanted to try it on this piece.


I vacuumed the entire piece and then started at the top and methodically worked my way down the entire piece getting every surface inside each cubby. It was a little tiresome but exciting to see the difference!


You can see the difference! It brings the wood back to it’s original beauty. The cubby on the bottom left hadn’t been done yet and you can really see the difference of the dry wood to the nourished wood. So amazing!


It was such a difference as I worked down the piece. It just came back to life!


I love changing the items seasonally. I now have it changed for Spring and love adding in the spring blues. Yummy!


The piece looks so fresh and vibrant now with it’s nourished wood, I am going to do this to other pieces that need a little wood nourishment.




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