Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green and Yellow Bench

This bench is one of my favorites because I love the colors of the bench. The fabric was the inspiration for the color choices. I fell in love with the fabric and got paint to accent the fabric.
The bench sides are made from crib parts. The seat had to be built in custom to fit the bench. There was a lot of pre-drilling required so that the crib wouldn't crack due to the small parts. It was fun custom building in the seat and was fun to cover in gorgeous fabric. The fabric was an end peice of a roll because it was originally $30 a yard fabric that I got for a couple of dollars because of the small size of the fabric left. I love when you can find a great deal on really great quality fabric!!

This bench turned out gorgeous. The upholstered seat is so perfect for this smaller bench. It's made out of a crib and is a little smaller than some of my other benches but, I love the size and would be a great fit in a lot of places. Go check it out at The Silver Drawer on Antelope by the Theatres in Syracuse!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dress-up Trunk

This is an old trunk that I redid!! I love how it turned out and even though it took a lot of steps to get it done..it was definetely worth it. This is how it looked from one side with the words "Dress-up Trunk" and the other side has a crown and the words "princess". One of the sides has a hinge and opens up at the top and the other side is drawers. The trunk opens up to reveal two sides. One is drawers and the other is a hanging compartment. The edges are all metal so I had to paint them first with a metal paint. Then hand paint the latex pink paint into the inside. The old steamer trunk was at some point, a traveling clown trunk because I had to scrape off tons of stickers and pictures. But, clown trunks just aren't as cute as a dress-up trunk. You'll have to take my word for it...it needed an update and redo!! I wish I would have taken a picture of the original because it really was different. I love the way it turned out!

The trunk opens up into two different sides. There are a side of drawers and are really cute! The other side is a hanging compartment! The first drawer has a small hidden drawer that comes out of the inside compartment. Really great for some fun jewelry!

The four drawers have details of dress-up images of wands, shoes ect. Each drawer has a different unique image. The trunk even has the detail that if the top drawer is shut then it holds all the drawers in place for when the trunk is traveling and can't be open without the top drawer pulled first.

The trunk side opposite the drawers is a hanging area. The rods even pull out to lengthen and become a full hanging closet. The inside was wallpapered in a matching pink/brown polkadot.

This is the view from the back when it's all open. It makes a cute little changing room. I love how the trunk could turn from being just an old trunk to something that is so usable and fun. Any little girl would love to play dress-up in this old updated trunk!! It took a lot of time to finish this project but was definetely worth the outcome!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins!!

This is my fabric pumpkin patch!!

For a church function I was able to create some centerpeices. We were to have eight tables and I wanted three pumpkins per table. So, I went to JoAnn's to their red tag clearance section and got swatches of lots of fall colored fabrics. The pumpkin idea is not original...I found some cute fabric pumpkins on a blog and went from their. I did mine all different so that it really would be a fun pumpkin patch. I love how each one is unique.

I had to recreate what the tables looked like because I was so busy baking for the dinner that I forgot my camera!! So I recreated what they looked like.
I am going to keep enough to stretch across my mantle for the Thanksgiving holiday or down the center of my table but, I don't need a whole pumpkin patch. Although....that could be fun!!

Love Makes Little Things Grow

My sister's and I threw my other sister a baby shower. We divided up the shower with one of us doing invitation, games, decorating, ect. I was in charge of decorating.

This title "Love makes little things Grow" was the theme of the shower and I wanted to make a custom sign for her baby room. So, I made it to match the bedding and room colors. It's an old cupboard door that I added the cool light pink knob. It's hard to see the pink color of the glass in the pictures but, it really is cute. The vinyl I designed and had a local vinyl place cut for me. Then I dry brushed the other colors of the room. It turned out so cute!!

Home is where you Hang your Broom

This sign is a one-of-a-kind because I made it out of a dresser front. The drawer is curved and is flat on the ends. So, I had to add the wall attatchments to the ends. The knobs are curtesy of my friends bathroom remodel. The retro green and orange bathroom was pretty "RAD" but in need of an update. So, I inherited the glass orange knobs. They are sooo cool!! Just not in that bathroom!! The knobs allow you to hang brooms from them.
I sat the sign on the mantle so that I didn't have to put holes in my wall. But, you could see the broom and how it would hang down. So fun!!

This picture is to try to show you the curve of the sign. The paint is a pumpkin orange base with a pitch black glaze over the top ragged to help show movement and texture. The routing design around the sign was part of the existing drawer. I love changing things into something exciting and new!


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