Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Gallery Wrap Photo With Winter Ladder


We had family photos taken in the snow for our Christmas cards this year. My photographer and now friend(we became fast friends after she took our family pictures this fall…she helped me achieve my vision of the apple orchard pictures, which now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve shown) Shannon from took this beautiful photo. We had to drive up the mountain TO the snow this year which was fine because I wanted the pretty pine tree landscape with the snow. I dressed our family with each of us having a piece of red on which gives it that cohesive look.DSC_0309

It’s a gallery wrap photo from . I bought a groupon deal last fall and it took me until 2 days before the deadline of the coupon to get all my gallery wrap photos uploaded to be printed. I wanted to make sure the pictures were perfect, so I printed them out at a local photo store and made sure the lighting and everything was right before I ordered them. I finally got them ordered and everyday another one of my gallery wrap photos would show up on the doorstep and my kids would start this guessing game of who’s picture had come in the mail first. It was really cute. ( I don’t think I ever showed my apple orchard family photos but, now that I have gallery wraps, I will have to show them when I get them hung as a group)DSC_0319

My winter ladder is dripping in icicles, white flowers and blooms, silver balls, snowballs, silver twigs, snowflakes and silver ribbon. This picture fit perfectly between the ladder and the black bench.


I love the bright colors with all the white and silver. Although, wouldn’t a yellow pillow look cute on the bench. Hummmm?DSC_0334

So now that my new Gallery Wrap Photo is hung with the winter ladder, I will have to get the apple orchard gallery wrap photos hung(soon, soon!).

I love that when I walk in the front door this picture is the first one that welcomes our family and friends. A little burst of color with all these white and silver winter colors! De-licious!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Candy Jars


This year for Valentine’s I went with a mostly Red/White theme for my Valentine’s Candy Jars. Let’s face it, I still had peppermint lifesavers (red/white) left over from Christmas and White Chocolate covered pretzels (white). So it was easy to add a little more red for Valentine’s. I added kit kats (red of course), swedish fish(also red) and airheads (mostly reds, although there happen to be pink too… I didn’t know air heads also had a pink lemonade flavor but, BONUS!)DSC_0198

I hung my bubbly red heart from the lamp switch.


The Swedish fish candy jar is the one I packed in my suitcase (in between an encyclopedia box and rulers…ha ha…I know, only me right?) and brought back with me from Kansas. I love using it!


Can you tell what is the kids favorite? Sour red cherry balls from Brach’s. I would have filled them before this picture but, I can only find them at Smith’s Grocery Store and I am not going to this store for one item, so they will have to wait. They only come out at Valentine’s so, they are a treat for the kids.


Chocolate tree dripped in “Love” hearts.


I know this looks like a goofy decoration but, it’s my valentine alien that my parents sent to me while I was away at college. I was homesick and this has always been a happy memory. If you push it’s belly it says (in a far away, happy alien voice) “Happy Valentine’s Day” and if you push it again it says, “I love you!) I love my little red alien. SO, it’s gets a prominent display with all our families favorite Valentine Candies.


Happy Valentine’s Day (early) Everyone! Does anyone else have a sentimental Valentine gift that they have kept for years? EVEN COOLER, Does Anyone have a Valentine Alien TOO? Because to me, Valentine’s isn’t about the gift but, about the thought that was put behind it!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Together Mantle


I finally get around to showing you my winter mantle and now I am changing it for the next holiday. Maybe, the next time a holiday is impending….. I will show it a little earlier. Well, here’s for wishing. (Ha Ha…we’ll see do better next time).

I love the word “Together”. This word spells LOVE for me for and is very Valentine’s ish. It speaks of love with it’s meaning but, doesn’t just spell the word L-O-V-E. The most important thing for me is being together with my family. Man, I love them!!DSC_0136

These letters I bought a long time ago, painted them black and then covered with a basic grey paper line that you can no longer get. Although I am sure you can find anything on eBay these days, if you’re willing to pay for it. Then to finish the letters I added felt flowers, ribbon and brads.


The wood hearts were painted black. I added black glitter to one, bead board painted red and the largest heart covered in scrapbook paper. I used mod podge to adhere all of the paper.


My Mantle is now decorated for Valentine’s. It’s fun, simple and yet I am glad I have a mantle big enough to fit the word “Together” (hopefully our next house will too Smile). The word “together” has JUST EIGHT letters. LOL Good thing there is no holiday for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Wow,now that would be a mantle display!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Should Come No Matter What The Ground Hog Says


I was a little bummed that the ground hog saw his shadow so I am on strike! I pulled out my spring d├ęcor and decorated my sofa table. I know this won’t make winter go away but, I can enjoy spring indoors. Although I shouldn’t be that surprised he saw his shadow, it’s only February and I do live in Utah…greatest snow on earth…it has that name for a reason.DSC_0157

I love the little splash of color (turquoise is one of my favorite colors)!


I moved the classical books from off the mantle to bring in some height for the family block. It needed to show above the blue bird plate on the easel. I love the shape of the blue bird plate, it’s decorative and still not too big. The books bring a perfect height.DSC_0156

The blue bird I had on the mantle now is nested with glazed ceramic robin blue eggs.


My favorite flower is tulips. I L-O-V-E love tulips! They scream spring to me.

So, I am bringing in a little spring….even if the groundhog saw his shadow.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Mantle

What is better in the long winter months than snuggling under a warm blanket by the fireplace and reading a good book. I love this time of year for this reason. I also get a little anxious for Spring to come but, I thought I would share my winter fireplace mantle. I have a stack of books (some of the classics, of course. Who doesn’t love Little Women?) With a 3-dimensional block with pictures and wording that describes my favorite people…my family of course!
The wood lettering was painted black and then scrapbook paper was mod podged on the front of some of the letters. I left three of the letters plain black and covered four of the letters.
I added a bluebird to the end of my letters so that it would remind me that Spring is coming next!DSC_0115
So now that Valentine’s is almost here, I guess I should change the mantle to everything Valentine’s. Which is fine because a splash of color around here is a welcome change to the grey dreariness outside.


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