Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Welcome back, a Winter Entryway

Wow, this is the first blog post I’ve done in years. The entryway is the perfect place to start my introduction back to the blog since it’s the first thing you see when you enter our home. When I originally had the thought of hanging old wood furniture clamps I knew it would be either amazing or an epic fail. It came out amazing and it just keeps getting better with each season. Halloween looked awesome in here but this winter scape has my heart. The details just make me happy.
The botanical prints I picked up antiquing this summer and paid $2 a piece for them. I bought spring botanical prints too so we’ll have to see what I do with those. They are pages out of a book. The frames I found at the dollar store and because they are raised mats in them , they look more expensive than they are. The gold is just right.
The books were headed to the thrift store and I’m glad I hadn’t gotten around to dropping them off because once I took down the black books, I needed a whole bunch of neutral ones. I just tore the cover off and they were the perfect neutral I was looking for. Plus this was free! 
The tree is a walmart flocked tree and it’s only $25! Such a great price and put it in one of my old crocks with some towels. It’s comes prelit, which is such a great deal for a four foot tree.
The snowballs were from the target dollar spot (10 snowballs in a pack for $3). I added them to my basket that was hanging in the front mud room. It hangs on the old peg of the wood clamp so perfectly, like it was made just for that spot! The snowflakes are ornaments that I hung with fishing line from the ceiling. They are really light weight so I hung them with a tiny nail. It adds so much dimension and they kinda dance when the front door is opened.
My favorite addition this year is probably the saw trees. They are from a husband/wife duo that does antique/vintage shows around the country (@perspectivedesign).  I’ve followed them for years and I was so giddy when they finally decided to offer some online this year. The trees sold out in just a few hours. So innovative to make metal trees out of old saws. I love the character! 
The flocked wreath (also a walmart find) hangs from the top of the oldest wood clamp and I added twinkle lights so it would sparkle too. The entryway has been a work in progress (it was months of searching and finding all the clamps to bring this vague idea to life) but I’m so happy that my idea of using old furniture wooden clamps worked and that all these elements that I love so much came together to create a winter wonderland as you enter our home. I am happy to be blogging again because even though I’ve kept up on instagram (@cassandradesign), I love giving all the details because I love to find a great deal or share something that inspires and hope it will for you too. 

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