Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Framing with Paint

It’s no secret that I love paint and creating something that adds dimension to a room with just paint, it just makes me happy!


I wanted to add the white painted frame around the artwork just like I did in the other Nursery. I taped it out and and then removed the tape until just the parts that were staying the wall color were taped. I painted everything inside the outside green tape white and when it dried it was ready for the artwork because I had used the artwork to tape around and made the white painted frame a perfect and custom size.

DSC_0002 The painted frame of white makes the painting even more dramatic and noticeable. I just LOVE how it turned out! It does make me miss the stripe with the pink like in the last nursery but, with the chair rail in this room, it would look funny. So, I have been thinking up ideas how to add the hot pink to this……still thinking.


I did complete another small project above the dresser on the other side of the room…I finally put a picture in the pink polka dot frame! I used pictures from the girl’s birthday session(styled in their room colors…of course) I wanted pictures of them together and it worked perfectly! This picture of the baby is one of my absolute favorites. I just L O V E….love it!DSC_0013DSC_0014

My older daughter got to choose her favorite picture to put in the frame that sat on the dresser. I love that their pictures are together! Each unique and yet beautiful!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Repeat Painted Nursery


So this is my daughter’s room that they share. A nice neutral with the lovely oak trim again. It had to go!!! I painted the trim out white and painted the room an aqua blue color….the same color I painted in their room in Utah. I finished the nursery (in Utah) the week before the baby was born and she is now just over a year old. So…I am not ready to change their room. I love the color and was happy to paint the walls here in Kansas.


Here’s my lovely assistant who helped move everything (including unpacked boxes) into the center of the room and then proceeded to take pictures of me painting (not all fabulous pictures obviously the really bad ones….I edited…not super flattering. LOL).


Me painting the trim getting ready to roll the rest of the room. My daughter was loving the angles. So enjoy these lovely photos!


Me working away(at least the top of my head was in this shot), while my daughter kept the music playlist running as she chilled, still in pajamas, in her pink polka-dot kids chair INSIDE the crib. She loved hanging out playing music while I painted. It was really fun talking to her while working….good company!!


All painted blue and dry so the next day we taped off and painted the trim a nice white. My, my, my how that looks better!


LOVE the color and the Floetrol makes the paint go on SO smooth and give it such a hard shell to protect against scuffs and dings. (Floetrol is a liquid you add to your paint right before you are ready to paint.)


Now that the room is painted, I am ready to put it together. I am short some wall space, so the window will have to go in this corner instead of by the door like in our Utah home. So…some hanging and decorating and I will have ONE room decorated in this house. (It’s already been a few days later and I still don’t have it all the way done….the window is hung but, I need to decide if I can use the lampshades in this room. I am thinking about clumping them over the antique child’s bed but….I am still thinking about that one. Anyways…..if you want to see this room in our Utah house…here is the link. I loved the stripe around the room but, with a chair rail in the Kansas Home, it would be too much so…I have an idea for around the artwork…just maybe….


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Window Trim Painted White


I am in love with the new painted white trim around the front room windows. I was not in love with the golden oak color and they needed to be white to match the new windows. So, a little painter’s tape, white umber paint and Floetrol (makes it so you don’t have brush strokes and leaves a “shell” finish that is SUPER durable) the windows looked brand new!!



The windows are over ten feet so I had to use my blue side board to reach the top windows to paint.


        BEFORE                                                                                    AFTER

Painting the trim white made the trim fade away so you can enjoy the view and not notice only the trim. Much better…..now just a few more rooms to go! This was the one room that was bugging me the most…so it was first on the chopping block painter’s list.


I have ideas to replace those mini blinds too….now, just some time to get this done.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stripes Walls for Independence Day


So, I am making this house ours! I have the best land lords ever and they are okay with me painting….even the oak trim! Yeah!! If it’s a neutral color, they will even pay for the paint. (so…that means that they won’t pay for all my paint. ha ha I do like color!) I have already painted the trim around the front windows. I’ll have to show you the transformation…It’s amazing!DSC_0339DSC_0333

I added some interest to the boring wall under the stairs and the tiny hallway that leads to the bathroom, basement and kitchen. I added some fun white and grey stripes and I love them!!

I hung up my hand distressed flag just in time for the Fourth of July complimented by Patriotic Photos of the children taken at Antelope Island before we moved. I also used gold frames….which is a first for me. My husband even commented that this is the first time he has ever seen gold frames, and they aren’t even painted! Ha Ha DSC_0325DSC_0129

This is the main room of the house with nothing but our dining room table (what, you don’t you see it, look close, it’s the plastic bin turned upside down because our second moving truck trailer didn’t show up until the next Tuesday because Memorial Day was on Monday and they don’t deliver on holidays so therefore our main moving truck came on Tuesday. Of course, the same day my husband started school, so it’s been super busy trying to move into the house while we are both so busy) But, this is how it started….a blank slate……and it has been really fun and overwhelming trying to figure out how to set up the furniture and what ideas would be perfect to make this house feel like home.


When I saw this wall under the stairs I thought stripes would be perfect. So two small quarts of paint later, I had a wall with some interest. Grey and white stripes!DSC_0304

I measured the wall and figured out what size stripes I could do to get an equal amount of stripes. I then used a long level to pencil in the lines. I then used frog tape to follow the pencil lines and used a little tape to mark the stripe that I didn’t want to tape. I had painted the wall three shades lighter than the darker stripe. So, it’s really not white, it’s a lighter grey.DSC_0308DSC_0309

Once the tape is pulled off, it has created this beautiful movement into a small little hallway. It created such personality in such a small space.


Adding a flag, a few gold frames and a star, I have my modern take on a patriotic theme motif. I love how the stripes peek through and add some interest and movement to a small space.DSC_0327These stripes are so yummy! DSC_0338

This wall is patriotic right now but, I am sure all of you can see that it will probably change with the seasons. OF COURSE!!!!



I have some fun projects in the mix….lots of painting of walls and painting some trim. I am doing a little each night after the kids go to bed but, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work means that I can’t stay up as late as I used to so….the projects are taking a little longer than I usually do so, bear with me…a house takes a little while. 


So I’ve been here a month and already have striped walls. Oh my, three years might leave no walls left unpainted…I guess we’ll have to see!! LOL I have wanted to do stripes for a while and I found the perfect place for them…the wall under the stairs with the adjoining hallway. It’s perfect….a small space with TONS of personality!



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