Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Delicious Purple Tufted Halloween Wingback Chairs

I found these wingback tufted chairs and actually squealed with delight. I had been looking for these type of chairs to paint for Halloween. I are thinking...painting...REALLY...but, they are more for looks for my halloween theme this year of witches with the colors purple and black.  I had found a pair earlier but there was no way I was paying $30 a peice per chair($60 a pair, YIKES!!) so when I found these and they reduced the price down to $5 and $10 for the chairs($15 for the pair)...I knew they were the chairs for me. Don't they look like the perfect chairs to be painted purple and used to flank my fireplace for Halloween!! Eeeeek, Squeel!! Yeah....I am so excited!
I wanted tufted chairs because once they are painted, it is these details that make them look so cool.
I didn't know what color of paint would look best. I bought a "rich plum" color and a "purple" spray paint color. The pink chair covered perfectly with the purple color and because of the pink color underneath it made it a delicious, rich color!!
Yummy Purple!!
The white chair wasn't so easy due to the light color of the original fabric. I ended up painting it the "rich plum" color(top can) first and then added the "purple" color over the top. This was after I had originally painted it the "purple" color(the bottom can) and then decided that it need a richer color so I switched to the "rich plum" color and then added the "purple" color over top to make it look like the other chair.
This was not the final coat of paint as you can tell due to the tuft seen here that wasn't painted yet but, you can see the two colors of paint working together to create a beautiful purple color.
The pink fabric covered with the purple paint makes it look like a delicious purple velvet. Unfortunately it is a little deceiving because of the paint makes it not as soft as velvet but, not too bad. It is definetely more for looks and it looks AWESOME!!!!
Now for the WHOLE reveal............drum roll..........okay so I probably don't need a drum roll but, I am really excited to have this done for my halloween decorating this year. I can't wait to start using all these different projects I have been doing and to be able to show how I decorated with them. I know I've only shown the projects but soon I'll show how I am going to decorate with them.
The white wing back tufted chair made into a purple halloween turned out so cool!!
I painted the legs black to go with the purple/black theme. The legs had a little bit of dings and dents so I couldn't leave them brown plus they look way cooler black.
This is the pink tufted wingback chair made a purple halloween chair....SO CUTE!!
Here's the chairs as a pair...a little different in coloring between the two but, SO cute as a set!!
My neighbor and I actually sat in these chairs after I took pictures and watched the kids play. It was pretty funny...sitting outside in purple wingback tufted chairs. LOL I am sure you don't see that everyday as you drive by...women sitting back relaxing as the kids play in the driveway with their sidewalk chalks in purple wingback chairs. LOL
I can't wait to get these inside and have them flank the fireplace for Halloween (although it was fun to have them outside for a day, LOL)! So excited...delicious purple tufted halloween wingback chairs with black painted legs to set the tone for my Halloween season!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Painted Drop-Cloth Pillows

I am just tickled pink with how they turned out. I have to teach a class on saturday about home decorating and I've decided to divide it into three smaller sections of design. In the decorating for Halloween, I wanted something that could be made with some inexpensive items yet is chic and modern, therefore the drop-cloth pillows were born.
I cut four 18 inch squares. These turned into the witch and raven tree pillows (two peices are the front and two peices are the back). I had two rectangular peices left so...I made the "spooky" pillow out of it. It turned out perfect.
The clipart is free online. I found the images I liked although I did add a cat, from a different witch to the witches broomstick that I liked. I then used scissors or exacto knife to cut out the design. It took very little time.
You can see it here all cut out.
I used black acrylic paint. It's just regular craft paint that you can buy anywhere.
I used a sponge brush to dab the paint on the stencil(made from paper). TIP: just make sure you dab straight up and down because you don't want the paint to get pushed underneath your design. So, just keep you brush up and down and the design will have crisp lines.
I added cording but, you could easily just sew the front and back peices together and it would be just as cute.
I always sew the cording to the front side first before I sew them together. This makes my cording look perfect everytime. This is definitly something I learned the hard way a long time ago.
Then sew the back to the front. Be sure to leave an opening for the filler.
Then sew it shut with a needle and thread. I used a whip stitch.
This is the "spooky" turned out great!!
For the tree, I exactoed out the main shape but took a fine tipped paint brush and added all the sticks to the end of the branches. So, this one took a little while longer but, was really simple. There's no wrong way to make a branch.
I am SO glad I added the cat to the broomstick. It looks SO cute!! Well, I should say spooky or something else but, I think it's SO stinkin' cute!
So there you have it. Pillows made from inexpensive drop-cloths and a little paint. Try one!! They are REALLY fun!! You can make one of the edges with velcro and make them the size to go over your existing couch pillows so, you can take them off when the season comes and goes. Either way is SUPER cute!! I just love Halloween!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black & Purple Lantern Lights

I found these lanterns and knew for 1. They were ugly gold. and 2. they would be great wired as lanterns for my front porch. Then I wouldn't have to buy so many candles during this season to put in my lanterns and they would be able to be on every night and not just for holiday events. The lights were off of a house and had wiring to be hard wired to a wall. I am going to wire these to a plug so I can plug these in for the holiday season. Thank goodness my husband will be able to help me wire.
I took the time to cover the glass with newpaper and tape. I had to wipe these lights clean, a lot. They were pretty dirty being outside for who knows how long. So, once clean they were ready for paint. I painted them black to go with my theme for Halloween this year.
Once I had painted the outside. I removed the newpaper and tape and moved it to the inside so I could paint the inside without getting the glass. I could use the left outside for the right inside and vice-versa because of the shape of the glass. It made it really easy to paint the inside of the light reusing the same newpaper/tape.
I was was about to paint the inside black and then...I knew it could be more interesting. So, I painted the inside purple to add some color and interest to these really cool lights. Aren't these going to be just fun hanging on my posts on both sides of my front steps leading the way? I will post pictures when I am finally able to decorate for Halloween. My husband asked me to wait AT LEAST another week before I start decorating. Something about summer JUST BARELY getting, I am finishing all my projects for decorating and will post pictures of them all done-up and decorated SOON!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"TIE ONE ON" (fall/halloween tie chair)

Doesn't everyone have a stack of ties in fall and halloween colors? I've been collecting orange/fall colored ties and purple ones for about a year now. It's actually harder than you think to find these colors..IMAGINE who don't want to wear purple and orange ties. Hee Hee I guess it's not a very common color and most of the ties I found that color are vintage ties and are REALLY cool and some even wool....even cooler(nice textures silks and wools)!
The chair I picked up at George' of my favorite places!! I added batting and covered the chair in an orange color in case any of the ties happen to show through. Then I started weaving the ties.
I just get done weaving and my son is laughing and says, "look a tie arm!" I just had to throw that in here because my son and I had a really good time making this chair. He was quite helpful and funny(he's my only one not in school yet)! I then trimmed all of the ties off and had a beautiful tie chair ready to take pictures.
The pictures inside weren't going so well so I took my chair out front to get some better lighting at this time of day.
I love the striated detail in the chair and didn't have to change a thing(I guess it happens once to everyone...finally a chair I didn't have to paint).
I loved the weaving but on the back(it is narrower than the front) I had to go to the outside with the last tie. It actually added a cute detail going around the outside of the chair leg.
Aren't all those tie colors just yummy? I L-O-V-E love them!! I love that I can use this chair for Halloween and clear through Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it just be SO cute with stack of pumpkins or to have pumpkins sitting on the floor around it and have a really cute place for people to take on and off their shoes at the front door. I can just imagine!!!
This project was so fun and didn't take long(as long as you don't count the year it took to gather all the ties in these cool colors and the fact that I didn't have to paint the chair) it was a cinch!! Yes, another fall project off my list and just about twenty more to go!! I have a lot of projects rolling around in my head and I really need to get them out before they disappear. Poof!! I really should write them down, anyways.....enjoy my little project for the day! Bring on Fall!!


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