Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"TIE ONE ON" (fall/halloween tie chair)

Doesn't everyone have a stack of ties in fall and halloween colors? I've been collecting orange/fall colored ties and purple ones for about a year now. It's actually harder than you think to find these colors..IMAGINE who don't want to wear purple and orange ties. Hee Hee I guess it's not a very common color and most of the ties I found that color are vintage ties and are REALLY cool and some even wool....even cooler(nice textures silks and wools)!
The chair I picked up at George' of my favorite places!! I added batting and covered the chair in an orange color in case any of the ties happen to show through. Then I started weaving the ties.
I just get done weaving and my son is laughing and says, "look a tie arm!" I just had to throw that in here because my son and I had a really good time making this chair. He was quite helpful and funny(he's my only one not in school yet)! I then trimmed all of the ties off and had a beautiful tie chair ready to take pictures.
The pictures inside weren't going so well so I took my chair out front to get some better lighting at this time of day.
I love the striated detail in the chair and didn't have to change a thing(I guess it happens once to everyone...finally a chair I didn't have to paint).
I loved the weaving but on the back(it is narrower than the front) I had to go to the outside with the last tie. It actually added a cute detail going around the outside of the chair leg.
Aren't all those tie colors just yummy? I L-O-V-E love them!! I love that I can use this chair for Halloween and clear through Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it just be SO cute with stack of pumpkins or to have pumpkins sitting on the floor around it and have a really cute place for people to take on and off their shoes at the front door. I can just imagine!!!
This project was so fun and didn't take long(as long as you don't count the year it took to gather all the ties in these cool colors and the fact that I didn't have to paint the chair) it was a cinch!! Yes, another fall project off my list and just about twenty more to go!! I have a lot of projects rolling around in my head and I really need to get them out before they disappear. Poof!! I really should write them down, anyways.....enjoy my little project for the day! Bring on Fall!!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

How quirky and fun - very Urban Outfitters. I think this is great.

Wendys Hat said...

This is the cutest chair ever!

Mrs.Beck said...

I love it!! But how did you tie them on the bottom to make them stay?

Unknown said...

What did you do the bottom to make them stay? Are you able to post a pic of the bottom?

nola said...

I love this idea! But agree with Unknown.... we need to see how you tied it off on the bottom. Please let us know!

Unknown said...

I also am curious in the technique .


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