Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Card Hanger

This Christmas Card Hanger is made out of a Crib Side peice. I used the other peices to make the khaki/yellow bench. I tipped it sideways and then the idea popped into my head...this would be perfect to hold Christmas cards and magazines!! SO COOL!!

I added a few handmade cards to show how it would hang Christmas Cards. So, if you have lots of family or just really love Christmas Cards, this is perfect!!

I added bulldog clips to the side to add extra card capacity and also a place to hang odd sized or really neat cards that you want to highlight.
The greenery is shades of green, pine bowes to anchor it and red to accent the red color I painted the wood. You can also see the holes that I tied the ribbon to to hang it up!! Perfectly pre-drilled holes!!
It's hard to see the ribbon hanger because I took something off my wall to hang this up so I could photograph it and the bolts were set really wide so it doesn't really show in this picture because it's hidden behind the greenery.

If you follow this blog then you will have realized that I just made a khaki/yellow bench out of a crib. It turned out awesome but I had one peice left over. It was a side peice. So, I took off all the hardware and it had holes in the end that was already there from the hardware so that the side peice could go up and down on the crib side. I used these pre-drilled holes to be able to tie ribbon and use it to hang the Christmas Card Hanger.

BEFORE....just a peice of a crib! and it has turned into a great way to organize and keep all those Christmas Cards together and not have them sit in your mail pile and not be displayed like they should!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Party

These were the party favors that I made for the Halloween Party! They were pretzels with white chocolate skeleton fingers on the end!! They turned out so cute and were pretty easy! I used a wilton mold for pretzels and then found the cutest wrappings that said "Beware of contents"!! I love the themed party favors!!

I just had to share these really fun food ideas from our Halloween party!! Everyone that brought food went above and beyond....it was sooo cute and super yummy!!


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