Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Cassy FinalToday's the day we start our adventure! We are officially moving today! We have been extremely busy finishing the basement and last minute projects. I will have to post those once we get to Kansas! So, we're off and ready to start our new chapter! Wish us luck and safe travels!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real Photos of Shannon’s Bridal Headpiece


THEY CAME, THEY CAME!! I feel like a kid that sent off for something out of a cereal box and is checking the mail everyday ‘til it comes! Shannon just emailed me the photos of the bridal headpiece with it’s debut in Maui and I am thrilled!! (My friend Shannon asked me to make her a bridal headpiece to compliment her dress for her wedding a few months ago.) You can check out how I made it here. First of all, doesn’t she look stunning!! (just had to say what we all were thinking!!) To make this beauty I started with some vintage bling from a local antique store. We chose a set of square earrings and a shell-shaped clip. They both complimented the bling on her dress!

Vintage Jewels

This is the picture text I sent to Shannon. I was in a local antique store and noticed these beauties and texted her a picture about what I was liking for her bridal headpiece! She drove right over and brought her dress so we could match it perfectly!! She chose the middle “shell-shaped” vintage shoe clip. It reminded her about where she was getting married….in Maui on the beach!! Lucky girl!!


She has been so kind as to let me show you guys some of the “real” photo’s from her wedding! Isn’t she gorgeous!! You two make a cute couple! I felt so blessed to be able to make a small part of their day special. I was thrilled she loved the handmade bridal headpiece as much as I did!!


One of the vintage square earring was used to be the center of the gorgeous flower! That left one of the earrings……what to do, what to do….SO, I surprised her with making a matching garter out of the other earring. She loved that too! I was excited to surprise her with something extra…she’s that great!GarterSE


Thanks Shannon for sharing these BEAUTIFUL photos of your special day! I am thrilled to have made something that will be an heirloom piece for you!!! It just tickles me pink to see someone love something that I have put my heart and soul into! I am so blessed to call you friend! (She just took my girls pictures for their shared birthday and posted them on her blog) Go check them out!! She’s amazing!!



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