Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dress-up Trunk

This is an old trunk that I redid!! I love how it turned out and even though it took a lot of steps to get it was definetely worth it. This is how it looked from one side with the words "Dress-up Trunk" and the other side has a crown and the words "princess". One of the sides has a hinge and opens up at the top and the other side is drawers. The trunk opens up to reveal two sides. One is drawers and the other is a hanging compartment. The edges are all metal so I had to paint them first with a metal paint. Then hand paint the latex pink paint into the inside. The old steamer trunk was at some point, a traveling clown trunk because I had to scrape off tons of stickers and pictures. But, clown trunks just aren't as cute as a dress-up trunk. You'll have to take my word for needed an update and redo!! I wish I would have taken a picture of the original because it really was different. I love the way it turned out!

The trunk opens up into two different sides. There are a side of drawers and are really cute! The other side is a hanging compartment! The first drawer has a small hidden drawer that comes out of the inside compartment. Really great for some fun jewelry!

The four drawers have details of dress-up images of wands, shoes ect. Each drawer has a different unique image. The trunk even has the detail that if the top drawer is shut then it holds all the drawers in place for when the trunk is traveling and can't be open without the top drawer pulled first.

The trunk side opposite the drawers is a hanging area. The rods even pull out to lengthen and become a full hanging closet. The inside was wallpapered in a matching pink/brown polkadot.

This is the view from the back when it's all open. It makes a cute little changing room. I love how the trunk could turn from being just an old trunk to something that is so usable and fun. Any little girl would love to play dress-up in this old updated trunk!! It took a lot of time to finish this project but was definetely worth the outcome!


Felisa said...

this is amazing...I love it so much.

Cassy said...

I am actually going to be selling this piece. We are moving and we can't take everything so, I've decided to let this one go. I am going to sell it for $100 which is what I bought the trunk UN-done before I did anything to it so, I am selling it for what I bought the original trunk for.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassy, I just emailed you regarding selling this gorgeous trunk. Consider it sold! Call me when you can - phone number is on your email.

Thank you,


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