Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Chalkboards



I am pretty impressed with myself that I could do this mostly freehand. I pulled out my handy dandy craft projector right after the kids left for school (it still seemed dark enough) and got a tiny bit chalked when a burst of sunshine came through the clouds and my whimpy  cute little projector was outshone! I don’t have window coverings on the tall 10 foot windows (at the top) and the room was instantly bathed in sunshine (shoot! It’s probably the one time I was wishing for a little grey cloud to come so I could finish…otherwise I would have to wait until it got dark. But, I am NOT that patient! I was in a chalkin’ groove!) So, I used my reference print-out and went free-styling! I was very happy that I could do it without my projector!


Then, I patiently waited until the kids went to bed to do my other chalkboard (while the hubby was studying for finals). I found a free printable off pinterest and used my handy dandy craft projector to get it just right.



Plus, while I was on pinterest, I learned something about chalk… dip it in water while you are chalking (never thought of that one before) and it will look light while you are chalking the design but, once it dries…Wahlah! beautiful, crisp, bold lines! Genius!  Just remember: you must have seasoned your chalkboard before you ever write anything on your chalkboard or you will have ghost writing on your chalkboard that you will always see. To season: (I feel like I just started a cooking segment, but I digress) you turn your chalk on it’s side and go up and down, side to side to cover the entire chalkboard. This keeps the ghost writing away.

Then, you wipe your chalkboard with a rag that is damp and then you can use that same rag (that is damp) to wipe away mistakes or fix lines. Makes it super simple to make your chalkboards, phenomenal!


The chalking looks so pretty with the ornate frame! Still lovin’ that frame!


Once I finished I realized I still hadn’t decorated my striped wall for Christmas and I knew the perfect thing………(I promise to show you soon!….as my kids would say…A Christmas Promise…because that kind of promise can never be broken….…..I don’t know exactly where the kids got that but it means a very serious promise to our neighborhood kids in Utah, So…it’s a Christmas Promise then!)



Dana Day said...

I recognize that Oh Holy Night print. ;) You are an extremely talented artist. I have always thought that. You free hand everything and it looks amazing. If I tried to color on a chalkboard it would have stick figures. LOL!

Cassy said...

It wouldn't be stick figures...but, the idea made me laugh. Thanks for that! I thought it was a beautiful free print. Love free!


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