Monday, October 4, 2010

Outdoor Witch Decor

I have cute decorative lantern posts but with Utah weather you have to be ready for anything so I had my husband pound posts into the ground so I could attatch my lantern hanging posts and they would be secure no matter what kind of weather comes our way. 
I had him pound in the post until it was lower than the decorative swirl on the lamp post. 
He wired the decorative post to the fence post and we were ready to hardwire the lanterns to the extension cords. 
We took extension cords(let be honest, my husband wired them for me) and cut off the end and connected the wires together. Then wrapped the wire down the post to hide the wires. 
The other part of the outside decor this year was building a witch's brew area. I took three poles and lashed them together so it could hold the cauldron over the faux fire. My oldest boy loved making it look like a "real" fire. 
I found this witch that are just like those scarecrows that you can buy to pound into the ground. Her skirt was a little short and I wanted her skirt to go to the ground so I added a shredded black skirt made out of the extra cheap black fabric and tied it around her waste under her skirt.
I think it is SO cute...sets the mood for the theme of the witch theme. I was pretty tickled when the witch came with a purple dress....too perfect! 
I added my sign to the front door warning everyone that witch's only are welcome. I made this sign with foam core(like from a science fair project) and a 8 1/2 x 11 peice of paper printed at home with brown paint to cover the white edges and make it look old.
This is what the lanterns look like during the day. A little too bright to see the flickering lights so I waited 'til that evening to take these next photos. 
This is what the lanterns look like at night with the flickering lightbulbs. This will be so much better than candles....I went through a few last year. 
I love the effect that the flickering lights have...they look like candles without having to light them every night or on special occasions only. I can turn them on every night if I remember too(notice that I have to remember to plug them year...a timer...LOL). 
The cords come out of the bottom of the lantern and this was perfect because when I wrapped it around the helped hold the lantern in place so they won't swing around in the wind. 
This is again the bad camera setting picture but, it shows you how cool it looks at night. I love how the lanterns flank the front door inviting all witch's to enter. Bwahahaha 
I have been waiting to get my lanterns up for a while...I guess that's what you get for finishing a halloween project a month prior to when you can put it up. I love that I get the look of candles without having to buy all those candles.
So, all witch's are welcome to enter...remember...all others will be TOAD!!

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The Merrell Family said...

I love the lights, what a great find!


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