Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Lighting

Last year I had orange string of lights. I put them up but wished that I had a few strings of purple lights to go with the theme. I went to wal-mart to get dish washer soap and came out with dishwasher soap and two strings of purple lights. I was pretty excited when my daughter pointed out that they had inexpensive purple lights. So, I changed my mantle. 
Orange is definetely for fall and halloween but I am really glad I found purple lights. 
It's a subtle difference but, helps pull the theme throughout the room. 

The other lighting that I have done is to hang a candle abra (sp?) from the ceiling. I figured if I used two 3M industrial strength(each holding 5 lbs. a peice) that I would have double the strength that I needed. It worked! 
The lights are operated on battery but, the new battery operated candles come with a timer setting. SO COOL! If you turn them to this setting it will turn on at the time you turned them on and stay on for five hours. They will then turn off for 19 hours. If you did the math...then this means that they turn on the same time everyday. I tried these out yesterday and they turned on again today at the same time...too cool! 
The lighting looks so good at night. 
This is the lighting with the canned lights on above the mantle. 
I bought a string of lights for the sofa table. It had a purple see-through fabric on it and it looks even better with the purple lights underneath instead of orange. 

All of the lighting creates a witchy halloween look that I was going for..and it worked great. Great lighting is key to any decor. 

The candle posts have battery operated tea lights in them to help illuminate the cool sillouette design. 
So, that's the halloween lighting. A great way to add a touch of the theme around the room with purple lights illuminating the night.

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