Friday, October 1, 2010

Jewelry Screen

I've been needing some place to put ALL my jewelry. As of right now, I have some in my sock drawer, some in my make-up drawer and some hangin precariously on a hook in the walk-in closet. Not exactly the best situation for one's jewelry so I decided to make something to fix that problem.
I collected a wide arrange of one-of-a-kind antique knobs. 
I pulled this screen out of my shed and got it ready to be used as a jewelry hanger. 
I knew I wanted it to be a screen something because then you could put your ear rings through it and I needed something to hang all the necklaces and bracelets so I started collecting antique one-of-a-kind knobs. Most of the knobs I found in a bin at a local antique store and they were 50 cents a peice because there were no mates...perfect for I snatched them all up. Some of the knobs I had left over from other projects. 
Some of the knobs were so old that they had wooden screws for the back of the knob. So COOL! 
Then I placed them around the frame of the screen measuring to make sure they would all be evenly spaced. 
Look at the gorgeous patina on this old knob. It's so old it had a WOODEN screw attatched. How cool is that? 
The only tools that were needed was some wood glue, a drill and a lot of different drill bits, sealer and a paint scraper. All of the knobs were unique and the drill bits had to match those unique sizes. 
I drilled the holes, added a dab of wood glue for stability and then screwed the screw from the back side into the knob. It was exactly the right depth for the screw to go through the screen and be tight on the knob. It was like it was meant to be....all of the screws were the right size. My screen must be the same depth or size as most drawers were back when.....too perfect.
All of the knobs are unique! 
This is how it turned it looks with all the knobs screwed in. Then I noticed that I had forgotten a step. Yep, I forgot to finish coat the screen before I added the knobs. I didn't want to finish coat the knobs because of all their unique old patina's and charm. 
So this is what I consider PLAN B!!! I used my kids left over summer water balloons to cover the knobs so I could spray the screen. I loved the old chippy paint of the screen but, needed to protect it. 
So next time you forget to spray...use balloons to cover knobs. I'm really glad I came up with an easy solution...I wasn't looking forward to taping all of the knobs....Yikes... a lot of work. 
I just L-O-V-E the old can see why I had to protect the original's fabulous! 
Once it was dry I was able to start hanging all my jewelry. It took me a while to find it can imagine how hard it was to find a particular peice when I needed it in a hurry on a sunday morning! This will be so much better with my jewelry all in one place. 
I hung my earing up and, I don't have very many earings and about half were given to me by my mom for birthdays and such. She must have great taste because I wear all of these all the time. I really just have classic peices and I don't need ten in every color. Although some would disagree. 
The original color of the frame is a gorgeous green/blue with a hint of grey. Just up my alley!! 

Yeah, finally a place to hang all of my beautiful jewelry. (No, I didn't make this flower, it was the first one I bought and have since made many!) Isn't it gorgeous! Worth every penny. 
This project won't stay here. It is going to go in the walk-in closet that you see(white door) to the left of the jewelry screen. There was no time to organize it enough that I would want pictures taken so I hung it up over an existing nail and will install it in the closet soon. 

This project was actually conceived in the first of May but, due to some family tragedies, I am just getting around to finishing this project. Some of the pictures are from May, wow it's been a while. It was fun to take some time out from all the Halloween to finish up a long lost project that needed done. Fun, practical and gorgeous...what more could you want from a finished project, besides the fact that it is DONE!! 

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