Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween by Dr. Seuss

Let me explain the title...although I think my picture does a better job of explaining the title. 
I have two pendant lights over my island in my kitchen. I wanted to dress them up for Halloween. I bought these funky garlands and thought they would be fun to wrap down the lights. Need I say more. I left them up for a week and every time I looked at them...I saw Dr. Seuss illustrations in my kitchen hanging from my lights. Not exactly the halloween mood I was trying to envoke. 
See....they do look alright but....I don't just seemed too kid's Dr. Seuss gone halloween...badly...I changed these garlands over the kitchen window. 
So, I wrapped my garland around my white aspen limbs with some greenery. 
Added some spiders. 

And Wahlah....a kitchen window valance. 
I think the black garlands look SO much better over the window. It dressed up the window for Halloween. 

So, now my kitchen window got a touch of black halloween spirit. And that was how I expected those garlands to look. Turns out....they just are that type of garland that can't stand alone. Lesson learned.

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