Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Promised Reveal of the Delicious Purple Tufted Halloween Chair

I know, I know. Have I waited long enough to post the pictures of the purple chairs IN the house? Yes and I'm Sorry, but I really think I saved the best for last.
I now have my painted purple wingback chairs flanking the fire place. Squeal! Eek!! I love them!! I think I actually jumped up and down and clapped my hands really fast I was SO excited. This just made my husband laugh. He loves it when I find so much joy in one of my projects. I haven't been this excited about a project in a long time. I tried something new and it was SO much fun!
I threw my drop-cloth pillows on them and it really pops the halloween theme.
Here's the second chair with it's Halloween pillow.
Doesn't this just want to make you sit for a spell!! Bwahahahah 
The chairs add an element of sophistication and whimsy to the witchy black/purple theme this year. They are functional peices and yet bring so much color to the room.  So fun! 

Here's the side view from the dining room. 

In the evening with all of the warm lights on these chairs look extra yummy and inviting. 
This is what it looks like with minimal lighting on. 
This is how it looks with the bright canned lights on above the mantle. I love it either way. This definetely was a first for me...painting upholstered furniture to carry a halloween theme but, they have actually gotten a ton softer and are used constantly by the fam. It's amazing that they un-stiffen and become softer like the original fabric and yet keep the great purple coloring. Definetely one for the books...don't be afraid....even to paint tufted wingback chairs.

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The Merrell Family said...

Great decor, looks amazing!!


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