Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Tid Bits

I just love decorating for Halloween. This post will show all the little corners, nooks and cranny's of my halloween decor. So, you will get to see it all! This is my tie chair gussied up for Halloween. A witch's hat, broom stick and a pumpkin...and it's ready for Halloween.
My buffet in the dining room does have orange and black but, I kept everything in this tiny spot so the purple and black everywhere else could shine. I think it was fine to have a little splash of orange in the dining room. 
I just had to show my little wood witches that I bought from my sister at her boutique. Aren't they just cute? She is SO talented. She made these sanderson sister's and they are one-of-a-kind and so cute that I just had to have them. 
To go with my witch theme I filled my HUGE apothecary jar with toads. I think these are the cutest thing...if you like toads/warts and all that witchy paraphanalia kind of stuff. When I saw these at Ben Franklin a few months ago...I knew I could fill one of my apothecary jars with them and they would be SO cute! 
My black tree made it's way into the great room this year. It was in the entryway last year and I only had to move one small table to the basement to fit my tree in the corner by the back french doors. 
I added a black bird from the dollar store to my tree this year. Great addition for a dollar! 
I threw some of the extra witch's hats at the base of the tree to bring the theme throughout. 
You will remember the drop cloth pillows I made a few weeks ago. I put one of them in the rocking chair. The other two are in the gorgeous painted purple wingback will get to see those soon enough in a future post. Yes, for those of you that missed that post...yes I SPRAY PAINTED wingback chairs for halloween this year. 
An elegent way to add halloween flair to such a beautiful rocking chair. Ha Ha, I even rhymed!  
My entryway is a stopping point for witch's and their paraphanalia. The green baskets are FULL of halloween socks and witch's stockings. The armoir holds my witch dresses, so the kids can put one on,grab a broom anytime they want to and fly around the house in costume. I loved dressing up at halloween time when I was a kid. 
A hanging sign reminds all who enters that this bench seating area is for witch's beware! 
Witch's boots and shoes are tucked under the bench. Remember, take off your shoes...I mean the door! 
These shoes were found at a discount store and ribbon and metal were added. It was a simple way to make it look like witch's really live here and have left their shoes by the front door. 
In the kitchen..what would you expect in the fruit bowl but, old decaying bones, of course. Anyone for BONE SOUP? 
Of course a kitchen wouldn't be complete without a rat on one's counter.....don't you think? Don't look too close because my jar in the back didn't have colored candy in it yet...but now does. I should have taken a picture with the candy in the jar for this post.....because those with kids know that it might not last clear until halloween so I better take a picture quick. 
The dining room chandelier is draped in a black cobweb. 
I added a simple broom stick to my family picture screen. Now it looks like the broom is holding up the screen. 
Fun way to add witch details. 
These are some of my favorite witch classics. My parents gave me this hilarious set of witches year's ago. I put them out every year on my book shelf. 
Aren't they just so cute! 
I love how their legs dangle and they are super busty...too funny! 
Isn't their hair fun too...and their crazy twirly hats. These witches are small and cute and are just one of those items that you will always put out for Halloween because of all the memories tied to them. They have become a tradition.

Well, I think I showed you all the little tid bits of halloween scattered around the house. I still have a few more posts until I have all of my halloween blogged about but, we're getting close. Isn't Halloween fun? I just love it!


The Merrell Family said...

Cute halloween stuff, I am realizing that I have almost no halloween decorations. I will have to start collecting some.

MsMelodee said...

Your witch Villa looks amazing! (as usual) are you still doing your halloween party...I am sure it will be(or was) a blast!


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