Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ladder Changed for Fall

I changed my ladder for fall and it looks better than ever. I have my newest black bench underneath and the wall quilt ties it all perfectly together. I cannot take credit for this gorgeous quilt because it was a gift from my mother for my birthday last year. My birthday is so close to halloween that this is the first year I am FULLY enjoying my pumpkin quilt. The black in the quilt ties in the bench and the orange in the quilt ties in the fall colors in the ladder. Couldn't have planned it better myself. I just sewed on some ribbon so I could tie it the back edge of the ladder. So cute...thanks mom...such a great birthday present and an heirloom! 
View of the bottom of the ladder. The bell hanging on the bench was my daughter's idea. She just kept telling me how "perfect" it looked there....and there it shall stay! 
This is the view of where the ladder meet. One ladder is leaning against the wall but is connected with vine to the ladder that is suspended from the ceiling. 
This is the end of the ladder with the ribbon and main spray of florals. 
This is the view from across the room. This is the room where I kept most of my orange decorations. The purple drapes tie the entryway and the living room together and keep the theme throughout. 
View from front entryway. 
I just love how the black bench and the fall colors could come together so perfectly due to a perfectly black and orange wall quilt. Thanks's such a happy jack-o-lantern!

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Baby Freklz n' Zubu said...

I love it! It's very cute and festive :)


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