Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Candle Stick Posts

I made my candle sticks here and was ready to put on some halloween candles. I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off candles sale. That's better than a coupon!! They were the only two on a bottom shelf and I missed them the first time I went down the isle but spotted them as I meandered back down the isle toward the candle section!! So while I was in Hobby Lobby I bought fall candles so I can change my candle sticks once the halloween season is over.
As you turn the candles it shows a different halloween scape from ravens, trees, black cat, tombstones and a witch. So cool!! 
They look perfect flanking the fireplace with the tufted purple chairs. 
I have most of my "fall" decoration in the living room to keep the purple and black theme in the great room and entryway and these two candles are the ones that I am going to change out on my stair candle stick posts come November. Won't they be gorgeous! 
I loved this candle for all of the details and the great deep orange coloring. 
For the other candle I found a green inlaid swirl design. I wanted these two candles to be similar yet unique because I plan on putting them together side-by-side for November. The candle holders are three inches different in height so I bought different candle stick heights to exagerate the difference. The candle rings of pumpkins and berries were also 50% off...which better than their own coupon.
If you put the candle sticks flanking the fireplace and they aren't directly by each almost can't tell that they are different heights and they look like an identical pair. 
Add a few broomsticks and you are ready to light up the night with these halloween candle sticks.

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The Merrell Family said...

I love the fall orange colored candles, they are lovely. Your halloween ones are pretty cool too. Perfect for the occasion.


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