Sunday, December 23, 2012

KU Jayhawk Cookies

My husband asks for so little, that when he asked if I would use my new found cookie skills to make Jayhawk cookies for his Doctorate Nurse Anesthetist Class for Christmas I decided to try it (he had bought a Jayhawk cookie cutter at the beginning of school from the bookstore, Hmmm I wonder if this was planned all along…..except that he had bought the cookie cutter months earlier than my dress cookies). I had never tried a four colored cookie but, was willing to try it….how often does a husband ask for such a fun Christmas Gift for their class….I was up for the challenge.
Here is how they turned out but, let me show you how they came to be….
I baked the cookies, piped the edges then had to leave to go to the Book Club Dinner Party(the one I decorated the niche’s for). I came home and flooded the cookies before I went to bed. Yep, shouldn’t have stayed so late but, it was too fun talking with the ladies to cut it short.
I flooded them with the blue, red, yellow and white icing and then started on the detailing the next day (after I got home from work). I used my handy dandy craft projector strapped to the kitchen cupboard (with a strap I use for furniture) to project the image. I needed the image at a certain height to make it the same size of the cookies. I tried masking tape because it wouldn’t hurt the cabinets but, the craft projector was too heavy. So a simple strap(also didn’t hurt the cabinets) and I was good to go for hours while I piped. If you look close(above pic), you can see the projected image on the counter. It’s real faint but, gives you a starting point. Logo’s are hard to get perfect without help. I used the logo from the KU website (there is a whole section on the different JayHawks through the years).
The projector allowed me to trace the logo (it is a little tricky to pipe and not let your hand get in the way of the light to block the image from the projector light) My lovely projector isn’t very powerful so it was only a faint image but, still it helped keep me coloring in the lines with icing. LOL
This time I only had to do 32 JayHawk cookies (unlike the 75 dresses) yet, with all the extra colors, it took just as much time. I did a few more than 32 because I was sure that I would need a few practice cookies. But, 32 was the magic number because that’s how many came out perfect!
I had asked my husband to let me know (he had asked me to make the cookies in November) when the last day of class was in December and he kindly reminded me on Tuesday of that week, that the last class was Friday because Finals were the next week.(I thought I had another week) I just gave him a smile that said, “Thanks dear, for the notice!” But, I was happy to do something for my husband since he really doesn’t ask for much!
So, before I leave for work that Friday morning, I get them all ready to take to his class. (this is the point where I got nervous because he was taking them to his professors as well, No pressure!)
They turned out pretty good for the first time with multiple icing colors and I waited anxiously from work to hear if they like them (come on, everyone worries a little). It wasn’t until I saw them posted on his classmates Facebook pages that I could take a deep breath that they had turned out great and everybody loved them!
Merry Christmas KU Doctorate Nurse Anesthetist Class of 2015!

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Emily said...

You are amazing! Your talent knows no bounds. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! :)


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