Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Club Dinner Party Decorating


My cute friend Karen asked me to come help her set up her niche’s for Book Club Dinner Party and to keep up for the holidays. She had wonderful things to work with had these large presents wrapped(which were real presents inside). We used what she had and found a few things from around the house.


The first problem I noticed is that they are deep, really deep and had a large shadow from the chandelier overhead. The niche’s needed some light so, we stole borrowed some lamps from her husbands office and upstairs. It was the perfect way to make the niche’s glow. Made such a difference with the feel of the space.


We wrapped a few more presents, used a lot of natural elements and even used a vintage Pepsi-Cola crate for height.


This beautiful fabric was the inspiration for the decorating.


We kept with a very natural theme.


We hung wreaths in the back to add dimension and interest. The log rounds are left over from her daughter’s wedding reception. I love when you can use what you already have!


It turned out so pretty and was so much fun decorating….I always enjoy decorating but, having a friend to decorate with, is all the better!


It was a delightful dinner party and now I have a whole new list of books to read! Thanks Karen for thinking of me to help you get ready for such fun dinner party. It looked great and the company was even better!



Karen said...

ooh I feel so famous! Thanks for making everything look so great. You have a wonderful talent, my dear!

Dana Day said...

It looks beautiful Cassy! It looks lovely. Miss you!


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