Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Step 1 Paint the Stripe

The stripe in the girl's room was a light beige color(although it looks more white in this picture). It was two shades lighter than the wall color. I wanted to keep the stripe but, to update the colors to incorporate the nursery. I custom made my daughter's bedding so the crib bedding will match it. The room was originally supposed to be modern pink/brown but, the room has morphed to being more of the pinks and whites without much brown.
The vinyl that was on the stripe had to come down. :( In order to rearrange the room to accommodate the crib, my daughter's vinyl had to come down. Otherwise, the wrong name would be above the crib. I tried to save the vinyl but, it didn't happen.
The stripe was painted a white color. It's not bright white and it's not cream. It matches all the elements in the room (especially the trim and shutters). Next....the re-painting of the light brown color. I originally painted the room to be a modern pink/brown but, the room has turned into more of a light pink/hot pink, white with a pop of aqua. So fresh and fun! The wall color will now be a light aqua blue color. This will make the pinks POP!! The white is now dry so I re-taped on top of it to paint above and below the stripe. The blue color paint is now drying...I can't wait to show you. I love it!
Cassy Final

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