Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daughter's Bedding DONE!!!

To finish my daughter's bedding I had to do the bolster pillow and make the comforter cover.  I showed my daughter the comforter I bought on black friday and she has been encouraging me to finish ever since. The bloom pillow I finished a while ago. Check it out here. The ruffle pillow you can check out here
This is the bolster pillow form. 
To match the other pillows, I wanted to encorporate all of the different fabrics. While trying to decide which edging would look best...I put them together and instantly fell in love. Do both!!!! 
Tip: to get cording to look great every time, you have to sew the fabric around the cotton cording (aqua color) first and then you want to sew the pink ruffle edge with the aqua to the edge of the pink polka dot fabric. If you sew it first to one edge before you make your final seam...the cording will look great every time. Plus, it won't move while you are making the final seam.
This is the view from the finished side. You can see why I fell in love...why choose one when you can have both. I actually only had a 1/2 inch of aqua fabric left over. It was JUST big enough to finish this last pillow. Wahooo! 
Once I finished the cording. I sewed the rectangle into a tube shape. Then it was onto the ends. I turned it inside-out to sew the end on. I sewed the first end then started on the second end. The end fabric is the extra material from the fitted sheet. So it all perfectly matches. The bed pillow looks great with the other pillows because they all have matching and coordinating fabrics. 
This is what it looked like inside the tube. This will be the finished side. 
Turned right-side out. 
I sewed half of the second bolster end so I would have less hand stitching. Then I pulled it over the bolster. 
I hand stitched the end of the bolster. 
The hand stitching was almost invisible due to the white background of the end fabric. 
This is the finished bolster. 
The last thing I had to complete was the comforter cover. I found this entire bolt of "sweater" fabric at wal-mart for five dollars. It was a sale they had a few months ago. They were selling the entire bolt for $5. It was a table full of bolts of fabric. I picked this one out and knew this would look great as the comforter cover so it was perfect. SOLD! Enough fabric to cover both sides of the comforter. 
Now the comforter creates the perfect backdrop for the fun pillows. It's perfect for my daugher. She loves soft, fluffy things. My daughter slept with this comforter for the first time last night and she just kept saying how much she loved it because it's SO SOFT! Just like a comfy sweater.

The large pillow in the back can also be used as a floor pillow for when she has friends or brothers playing in her room. 
The pink ruffled edging on the bolster pillow perfectly matches the fun pink color in the iron bed. The aqua color cording pulls in the flecks of aqua on the bed frame.Very custom bedding! 
My daughter asked me yesterday, "What do I need to help you with to be able to get you to finish my bed." YIKES!! Have you ever had a five year old ask you that!! It was definetely motivating! I put her to work helping me cut, pin and sew everything I had left. She loves being my little helper! I'm sure she's thrilled to finally have her bedding finished! 
SO CUTE!! I am so glad I finally found the white down comforter for a steal on black friday. It helped jump start me to finish this project. My daughter LOVES it...and that's what matters!


Dana Day said...

It looks gorgeous. I especially LOVE that flower pillow you made! Love YA!

The Merrell Family said...

I like it. The colors are just perfect.


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