Monday, July 26, 2010

Bloom Pillow

This pillow is the hardest of the three ( I think?!?)  for my daughters custom bedding so, I started on it first. I cut tons of circles out of a soft fleece. I know you could use felt but, they didn't have it in the right pink color so, I changed my original plan. It worked out better because it's softer and my daughter LOVES soft things.
You start with the outside ring of half circles and sew them down. You add a row and pin them where they need to go and you just have to simply sew them down. You keep continuing until you get to the middle.
I had to use A LOT of circles. The larger circles are 3 1/2 inches and the smaller circles are 2 1/2 inches. Once you cut them all out you just cut them in half to create the petals. Easy! I only had to cut out 30-40 large and 20-30 small....kind of a wide range but, I lost count, Imagine that! I cut out four circles at a time because I folded over my fabric twice. This made it go by pretty quickly!
I wanted to add a little bit of the hot pink color of her bed frame in the pillow so I made a fabric covered button for the center with a simple button covering kit from walmart. It was simple and added just a touch of hot pink. The fabric is vintage fun!
The cording on the edges was done in the aqua color of her dresser. So, this definetely is custom bedding! The back I overlapped so it is removable and washable....LOVE that!
This is the first of three pillows for her bedding. I am working on the second pillow so it will be coming soon!
The background is a small pink pin-stripe. It is really hard to see the little pin-stripe detail in the picture but, it is so cute up close! I love this pillow and am excited to finish the others! on!


Anonymous said...

Cassie, How much fabric did you have to buy to do the flower on the pillow? And if I am seeing it right the petals are just one thickness of fabric...raw edges right??? Just thinking it looks fun. And how big was the outside of your flower you started with? Thanks for sharing your darling ideas. Aunt Janelle

The Day Family said...

Cassy, it is beautiful!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What a fun fun pillow - my daughters would love it!


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