Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cherry Blossom Tree

After the paint technique was done above the crib, I realized I needed a second focal point. I wanted something fun over my daughter's bed. Something that was similar to the artwork yet had a look all it's own.
 I came up with a cherry blossom tree limb idea and this is how it came about.

The corner where my daughter's bed fit had the cool antique window suspended as a shelf. I hung this window to be able to put things that are important to my daughter but, not have them easily accessible. A memorabilia shelf -per say.
I started by buying vinyl by the foot at a local craft store ($1.99 a foot before my coupon, yeah for 50% off coupons!!). I bought four feet of dark brown for the cherry tree limb. I really didn't need all of it, I have about a foot of brown vinyl left over. I just started sculpting and cutting. I added limbs as needed until it looked right.
Just enough ready for some pretty pink flowers.
There was no rhyme or reason to how I sculpted the tree. Just kept going until it looked right.
I took the pink vinyl (I only bought 2 feet thinking that would be ample and ended up going back for 2 more feet). I traced a flower and then cut each one out by hand. I wanted them to be similar yet not identical so they would look realistic
This is them cut out with the backing showing.
Tree ready for flowers.
I love it when my daughter wants to help with my projects. She loves that her room is getting done to bring a sister home to and is super helpful!! I would peel off the back and then she would decide where it went! You did a great job, little one!!
I finished with the 2 feet of vinyl cut into flowers and realized..I hadn't bought nearly enough. So, back to the store to buy 2 more feet of vinyl.
I love it with all the flowers!! It makes a statement above my daughter's bed and gives a focal point on this side of the room. The only thing I want to add is my daughter's name in vinyl just below the limb above her headboard. I will probably wait until the baby is born to get the vinyls done and her name is chosen so I can get both girls names custom done and to put them by their beds.
I threw my daughter's pink parasol up on the shelf to show you the kind of fun stuff that can go on the shelf.

I love how it flows below the shelf and yet sneaks above it in one corner. It makes it SO fun!
I love how the cherry tree limb pops off the fun paints!!
The cherry blossoms draws attention to the fun pink bed of my daughters just as much as the special paint treatment does over the crib.

It turned out beautiful!!
Cassy Final


Dana Day said...

Gorgeous. I love Abbie's room. Now she can never ever grow up and leave it. I actually plan on doing a tree similar to this for my office upstairs. I have been looking at them online for weeks to decide which one I like best. I recently was in someone's house that had big tree's in the family room (just the trunks) from floor to ceiling. The walls were painted grey. It was stunning. I fell in love with it and it got my wheels turning for up here in this office area. Anyhoo, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

I love it! You are so creative!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

It looks so beautiful - I can't believe you just made it all up! Fantastic!


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