Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goodie but Oldie Chair!

I love goodies but oldies. This chair reminds me of my grandma. She had the exact same chair and I loved that it had little steps to sit on the chair. I reupholstered it to match my kitchen and sits with the bar stools. The fabric is covered in plastic so that the kids don't ruin it. Maybe someday I won't have to plastic everything in my kitchen but, maybe that won't ever happenl. LOL I have really tall cupboards and this will be a step stool for me to get to the top of the cupboards and it's also a booster chair for my kids. It's great for adults too since it sits at bar chair heighth. Fun, simple little redo project!!
BEFORE, it was a plain tan vinyl fabric. The chair needed a good sanitizing, a little repainting and reupholstering. The chair was very solid and just needed updating.

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