Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gift Wrap Center

I have been so excited about this to be finished!! It has been in process for about two months but, have wanted to do it for over a year. I could never find the perfect peice of furniture and antique door. I finally got all of the parts to build it and then had to go find all the parts to finish with the hardware. I scoured antique stores and hardware stores for the perfect hardware.
Reed and I decided that the door should be detatchable due to the large size of this peice of furniture. So, the door has bolts that keep it together but, can be removed. It is a very heavy peice because every part of it is solid wood and we wanted it to be able to be moved.These next pictures are of the hardware I added to the door. I added suction cup baskets to put homemade cards in and also some hang from the curtain rods. The second curtain rod is to hang tissue paper. The wrapping paper holder is an solid wood old umbrella box(I think?) that I repainted. It was the perfect size to hold a lot of wrapping paper and the perfect size to sit next to the gift wrap center.

I mod podged this scrapbook paper into the front of the door on the center. It had the aqua color with pinks, green, and some brown. So Cute!!

These drawers hold the gift wrap bags and celllophane bags so I can just grab the bag I want and they sit flat while in the drawer.

The ribbon spools were the hardest part to figure out. They don't exactly make ribbon spools for gift wrap centers so I had to come up with something all on my own. I was going to resort to using plain old dowls but, wanted something more unique. I went to an antique store in Ogden that I hadn't been in, in a long time and found some antique lamp parts. They were perfect because they are metal, sturdy, and have threaded ends for bolts and finials. I just had to drill holes through the door and then screw the lamp part on the backside of the door. Then the cute Finials went on the front. They screw off to allow the spools to come off and then easily go back on!! I thought that was such a clever idea!! Here is the picture of the lamp part before it had ribbon spools on it. I found two different antique lamp parts to use so they are each different. I love that!!

This picture makes it hard to see the finial on the end but, still shows how it holds the ribbon.

This is the basket that had suction cups on the back to be able to attatch them to the glass in the window. I found them in the bathroom section because regular office supplies don't have suction cups to them.

This shelf is made out of an antique printers box that would hold letters or stamps to print with. The box is only two inches tall, three inches deep and as wide as the door. It was like it was made for my gift wrap center. It holds the rolls of scotch tape, bows, and curly ribbon. When I found this I was like a kid in a candy store because it was so perfect! I added an antique door knob and plate to add some character to this door. This door knob didn't originally go to this door but, it fit pretty good and looked great!
I LOVE how this turned out!! It was a lot of work but, totally worth it!!


Lori said...

Please tell me you kept this piece for's too cute to sell!! Love it Cassandra, you're so talented!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... I have so many old pieces of furniture that I have just been dying to do something with... you have inspired me beyond belief!!!


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