Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy? Or just in-between projects?

I have been busy lately but, have been in the in-between stage in a lot of projects (it makes it hard to paint and finish when you have nice conditions one day, do a little painting, then have to wait a few days due to snow and cold temperatures the next...yuck!). I like to post when everything is all finished and done but, this means I haven't had anything to show you. 
On a side-note: I've been busy in my closet lately because I just put my regular clothes away and pulled out the maternity clothes again. Yes, we are pregnant again. We are expecting a little girl in April! This has been a roller coaster of emotions having lost our last little baby.  We didn't say anything to even our kids until we had our big ultrasound at 16 weeks because we were nervous about something being wrong even though the doctors and specialists kept telling us that it was a 1 in 30,000 fluke that our little boy couldn't stay with us and it statistically never happens to the same family again. So, needless to say, it's been scary yet, we are getting SO excited for a little girl coming in April!
What is funny about this closet clean-up is that I was all dressed and ready to go to my exercise class the other morning and couldn't seem to find my keys to the car. Come to find out...my husband had accidently taken my set of keys with him to work. Luckily, I didn't HAVE to go anywhere (the kids were off track) so I decided to get a few things done on my to-do list (be real....I couldn't go anywhere so the only things I could do were at home...it was even snowing that day...so I was REALLY stuck at home). Once I started pulling out my maternity clothes....well, I just kept going. My husbands side of the closet got done also. He came home and made the comment that "nesting" must have happened today. I guess that's okay because I haven't seen the floor of our closet this clean in....too long. Yeah....it's done and looks GREAT!!
I  think I might start posting on projects I am in the middle of...then when they are done...I can show the reveal. Who knows.....maybe January is the month for change. We'll see! 
Now that we are expecting...my daughter has put an official sign on the door saying it's hers and the baby's room. So, I am adding a little bit of fun to make it a little girls room and a nursery. Stay tuned... 
I am making a "mobile" or art hanging out of lamp shade frames and pom pom balls. So, as soon as I figure out what color to paint the frames and which color to make the balls...I can post it all done. I have three options and can't decide what I will like best. I have the shades all stripped down to the frame and have painted a few colors for a "test" run. So, hopefully I can get the choices narrowed down and get it done. So, stay tuned for some projects...I am also almost done with my new sideboard. I just need to re-attatch the hardware and put a sealer coat on it to protect it.
More coming soon!!

Cassy Final

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Anonymous said...

We had a similar experience too. I wanted to say similar but not exact because no one will ever go through the same kind of loss and feelings you have. We lost a baby inbetween our two boys. We were also told that it was a fluke and most likely wouldn't happen again. The doctor said the chromosomes just didn't match up. We were devastated. No matter what happened to cause it it was still the hardest news ever. Several months later we were pregnant with our now youngest son and I had a healthy pregnancy. I am sure you will do fine and congratulations on that little girl!


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