Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sneek Peek

I've been working on this project for a few days now. In between packing to go to the parents house for Thanksgiving and preparing food for the feast. I thought this would be only a day project but, it's turning into a few more days (almost a week and will probably take two). I've been editing photos that I took all late summer and fall(trying to save money by taking my own kids yearly photos). I had some of them printed and they weren't exactly perfect so I've had to do some more editing on lighting and shadows to get them right.So I've been to the photo store a few times this week.
So, here's a sneek peek at what I've been working on.
This old cupboard door is over 5 feet long yet is the perfect size for hanging above the king bed in the master bedroom.
Now that the pictures are all laid out...and re-laid out...I have to cut them down. The board is 5 and 3/8 inches tall...so that means I have to hand cut them to fit in this unique cupboard door. I had to print them in all different sizes because if the photo went horizontal...it had to be at least six inches tall, which meant weird print sizes.
 I also need to have vinyl cut for the long end of the cupboard door (it was only after I got all the pictures laid out that I realized that because I am hanging it horizontal that the extra space on the cupboard end would be perfect for a custom vinyl, I just have to get it designed and cut. Man, I wish that I had my own vinyl machine)
So, I will get this finished when I get back from Thanksgiving. Just thought you might want a peek at what I've been doing these past few weeks. Can't wait to show you the finished project...completed and hung on the wall!

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The Merrell Family said...

That looks really good. I can never visualize it when you are telling me about it on the phone. Much better to see it.


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