Monday, October 21, 2013

Nevermore Ladder with Ravens

Before I read the Book Club Book, (STIFF: the curious lives of human cadavers by Mary Roach) I was adding some Halloween Literature Vignette’s. What is more Halloween Literature theme but…Nevermore….with black ravens!! I used to have these ladders suspended in my Utah home…
and would decorate them seasonally but, didn’t have a place to hang them here in Kansas (ceilings are different) but, I finally found a use for these beautiful vintage ladders…
My front porch!!! I added dollar store black birds (wired on with small gauge silver wire) and a “Nevermore” banner which I created. I printed it out and then antiqued it with distress ink. Here is your free printable!!
I printed the banner at OfficeMax as an engineering print. ( If I remember right, it’s 68 cents??? a square ft or close to that, So this print was 1 ft by 2 ft, do the math…it’s around $1.50 which is AWESOME!) I took it home, distressed it with my scrapbook Distress Inks and then took it back to get it laminated so it could stand-up to some rain. (laminated it was under $2 as well)
To attach the “nevermore” banner to the ladder, I needed nails or push pins. I used what I had and dipped sewing straight pins in black craft paint, let them dry. I used my wire cutters to shorten the straight pins by cutting them in half. I then lightly hammered them into place so it would hold the laminated sign. The sewing pins worked great!
Love Halloween!

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