Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wintertime Ladder

Every season I love to change my ladder to reflect the time of year! Every year it turns out a little different. This year, I added our stockings to the ladder. I don't have stocking hangers for the mantle so last year I hung them on the top stair banister. They looked really cute there on the banister last year but, after I had the ladder all needed something....and the stockings were the key! 
I added my red and green pillow to my bench to pull in the festive colors. 
I hung the stockings on the wall side of the ladder so that when you sat on the bench, you wouldn't be hitting your head on the stockings. 
I had to fill the stockings with newspaper so they wouldn't collapse and would look their best. 
The snowflakes were hung close to the bench so you wouldn't hit them when you sat down. 
View from across the room. 
There is not only snowflakes and ornaments but, white flowers and silver sprayed sticks. It all adds texture and dimension. 
View from entryway. 
I added silver and glittered ornaments to add to the winter theme with the snowflakes. 
The ladder makes it easy to attatch everything...plenty of places to hang things from! 

View of the underside of the ladder. It's layered with ornaments and snowflakes. 
and icicles!

The only thing I had left to decorate was the chandelier.....with fresh pine bowes. 
I added it only to the middle this year. Last year I tied small fresh pine to each arm of the chandelier but, I kept it a little more simple and then hung large red ornaments with hand-blown glass icicles

It's all tied with a large red bow. 
Each arm of the chandelier has a simple candle ring of berries and sugar balls. Simply decorated yet beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Love your ideas!


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