Sunday, March 17, 2013


I love this time of year, especially because it’s time to grow some Easter Grass. Green just makes me think of spring! I made a tutorial a few years ago on how to grow real Easter grass and you can go HERE that shows my step by step instructions. I will give a few tips here but, the complete tutorial is found on my tutorial blog post.
This year I planted in a chicken feeder. I know what you are thinking….a CHICKEN feeder. But, the shape is phenomenal and fills a long table with the perfect amount of greenery. It is wonderful for spring.
I also used the chicken feeder this last week for an event that celebrated a women’s organizations birthday, so I used some simple pink scrapbook paper and bamboo sticks to complete my dessert table centerpiece.
I used grocery sacks to cover the bottom because I had small holes in the corners of the chicken feeder. Some chicken feeders aren’t water tight so I had to use plastic to cover the bottom and corners, then filled with potting soil. I used my water bottle to wet it down with water and then spread my soaked wheat on top.
After seven days, I had a beautiful grass centerpiece to set on a long dessert table. I picked up my camera and was ready to click a picture of the table at the event and my camera flashed “no SD card”. Grrrr  So, I didn’t get any pictures at the event. I snapped this one the next morning. Image the dessert table with all pink, black and white décor. SO CUTE!
The paper letters were taped to bamboo sticks (kabob sticks) and stuck into the grass. The “happy” sign was held up with two bamboo sticks.
Now that the event is over, I am using it as my centerpiece on my long farm table. After about a week, the grass will need a haircut. I trim off the top and them my whole kitchen smells like cut grass. Such a wonderful spring smell!
A simple centerpiece, PERFECT for spring, even if it is in a chicken feeder!

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