Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card Chair Rail


I made my Christmas card holder out of piece of architectural salvage I found at Spark’s Flea Market this summer. My first flea market and I find this beauty!! At first I didn’t know what to do with it until I laid it against the wall in the garage….it’s perfect for Christmas cards! 1348869240498

It started out as a chunk of chair railing. I loved the shape and design of the architectural piece. It was one of my treasures from Spark’s Kansas Flea Market. It was love at first sight! It just needed a good cleaning and then sealing to protect the beautiful patina.


I loved the squareness (is that a word?) of the rails. Symmetrical beauty!


Once it stood on it’s end, I knew it would be perfect for Christmas Cards, magazine holder or awesome just leaning against the wall behind a chair. I sold my other Christmas card holder (to my Mom, so I guess I can go visit it! LOL) and was excited to find an architectural piece I loved just as much as my other one. This piece will probably transition into my studio to hold magazines or ideas. So many possibilities…….


AND guess what came today???!!!!???? MY FIRST CHRISTMAS card of the season! Wahoo….Santa might find us even in Kansas!!!!


So what do you think? Would it have been love at first sight for you? I loved the painted patina but, couldn’t believe it was such a cool color.


The cards works even if it’s a flat Christmas card because I can tape it’s envelope to it and create the two sides so  it can hang.


I am in love with architectural pieces! They add such character and can be functional as well….although I would be okay if they just sat there and looked pretty! ha ha Added a little bit of live greenery for the season and it’s ready for the holidays….and cards (wink, wink).



Dana Day said...

So cute. I recognize that card. :) Your home is beautiful!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

I think this is such a brilliant idea! You could use it for magazines when the holidays are over... or just to stand there and look pretty like you said!



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