Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ornate Chalkboard Frame made from Old (like crazy antique cool) Craigslist Mirror

DSC_0004Lightened I know some of you probably noticed my chalkboard that I hadn’t posted about in my Witches Broomstick Wall seen HERE. I realized that I never posted about the change in this antique frame before I posted about the broomstick wall but, here it is…better late than never.DSC_0731

I picked up this frame on Craigslist and it needed some cleaning and a new coat of paint. The old gold color wasn’t doing it for me so once it was cleaned really well (I used my handy, dandy red dishrag and a lot of elbow grease).

DSC_0756 I used the beveled mirror from the inside to measure out my board for the chalkboard. and…YES, I saved the mirror so if I ever changed my mind, I can make this chalkboard back into a mirror. This mirror is REALLY heavy and the frame is of wood and is also heavy. Antiques are cool like that…well made.DSC_0744

Painting the old frame white under the HUGE oak tree while the baby takes an afternoon nap equals = a perfect afternoon!DSC_0737

Even the back is primed and painted because it’s so thick that you can see the sides when you look at it down the hallway.


I even got paint happy and painted the last child’s chair that I had meant to paint for oh….before we moved…oh well, at least it got done!

Now back to the gorgeous frame…


Here she is all painted….(slow whistle)…I just love her…so much gorgeous details!



So Purdy!!

The heritage white is perfect for this frame, making it classic and can go with anything.


She is thick and gorgeous! Now she’s ready to hang on the striped wall!


So, I seasoned my chalkboard by covering it with chalk and then pulled out my little crafty projector and realized I was going to have to wait until it was dark to sketch my first typography. (remember 10 foot tall windows in front room) Thank goodness my husband has HUGE textbooks or I never would have had enough books to get the height I needed. One perk of being in graduate school! Ha


I took down my flag from my summer wall and needed something that would transition from late summer until I get my Halloween/Fall decorations. I never could figure out what else to put on the wall so, I just waited until I got my Halloween decorations to complete this wall. My family tree saying was a good transition but, now onto my favorite season…HALLOWEEN!



and now it’s my Halloween Witch Broomstick Wall. I am loving this chalkboard…so fun to change with the seasons.


I am already looking for the perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas sayings….so if you know of any that would look great vertically, let me know. Just sayin’ help a chalkboard lovin’ lady out! :)


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Carmela Gibson said...

So beautiful! Did you have to do anything else to the old frame besides cleaning it before you painted it white?


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