Sunday, October 14, 2012

When Witches go riding….


I am just loving my striped wall! It was fun to decorate for summer with the flag and patriotic pictures but, I do love Halloween and I wanted a chalkboard that I could write some typography on! I pulled out my Halloween decorations and before the day was through, I had witch brooms on my striped wall! The kids love how they go down in size…even my baby takes the little green witch’s broom off the wall when we are doing dish jobs so she can help my son when he sweeps the floor! Too cute!



I used my projector to trace my saying on my chalkboard. The witch’s brooms are hung with 3M hooks and velcro strips. The velcro allows the felt brooms to stick and yet be removable (even the baby has figured out how to play with her witch broom and then put it back where it belongs, now if this could continue into teenage years…..Hmmmm..LOL)DSC_0002BlurredDSC_0069Lightened

The view from the upstairs. The witch’s brooms were skinny enough to hang in this walk space yet create a fun Halloween Atmosphere!DSC_0005LightenedDSC_0007Blurred

Happy Halloween Everyone!….even if it’s a bit early….I am loving this season. I opened my trunk by the Mantle and all my witch hats, boots and dresses are spilling out and inviting the kids to use them. My 18 month old seems to think this is her personal dress-up box and will continually (Really, like 3-4 times a day) see her walking around in a different witch hat. Green, purple, orange, green….. no preference in witch’s hats, she loves them all! I keep trying to catch a picture of her but, she doesn’t sit still long enough to get a good pic. I am loving the striped wall with the Halloween saying and the old trunk with the witch’s wardrobe. It’s like a witch moved in here for a few short weeks! It’s definitely….’tis near Halloween!


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