Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mom, is that a Rhombus?


The kids were all excited to see how their pictures turned out for the playroom. I hung them all, stepped back and this is what I heard… “Mom, is that a Rhombus?” My husband and I just looked at each other and cracked up! Back in the day, we were allowed to call things a “diamond” but, to be politically correct now, it is called a Rhombus. (I guess I should be proud that he sees the bigger picture but, all my husband and I could do was chuckle because it was….I don’t know…unexpected!)

1339979674491 I started out with cute frames from Hobby Lobby (which I purchased 50% off, of course, before we moved knowing that I wanted to do this in the basement and make a fun room for the kids). I could only find four colors….not exactly the vision I was going for. If it’s going to be a basement, it needed to be, at least, cheerful.


I kept one blue frame blue and one red frame red (their original painted color). The other white and black frames got a bit of color! (I almost forgot to take a before pic, that’s why there is one pink and the other ones black and white! Oh well…at least I took one before they were all painted!)


There, that’s better…..a little more color to brighten up the basement playroom!

DSC_0513 Then all the frames were laid out in my “diamond” pattern and I counted how many 8x10’s and 5x7’s I would need and what way the photo would need to be, vertical or horizontal print.


After I printed my photos…I cleaned the glass with Windex and was ready to hang my wall of color!


The colors are so happy and lively, which is exactly the feel I want this room to reflect…FUN!!!


I even printed pictures of the kids adventures from this year! They were excited to see these pics!


So, all the frames were hung and created a nice Rhombus! The colors on this end of the room now help bring in all the fun colors of the alphabet wall on the other end of this room! Perfect!


You can see that post here.


Now, the kids have a space to watch movies and play games and it reflects their high energy personalities!

DSC_0589ColorThe wall hanging turned out just as I had pictured it (I knew I wanted this wall to look like this before we ever saw this house…this rental house was sight-unseen before we rented it but, the super nice homeowners had sent us pictures so we would know what furniture to bring and what to sell) I instantly saw a wall of fun shaped frames set in a diamond pattern at the end of this long room. I wanted the kids to have a space where they could relax, be rambunctious and build forts. It’s been everything we wanted for this room….I just didn’t realize that I had wanted a Rhombus! LOL


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