Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alphabet Soup Playroom

ABC Playroom

I finally got my playroom with my alphabet soup wall!! I originally hung it on my dining room wall because our walls weren’t finished in the basement where the playroom resided. Now I can really hang the alphabet letters in a playroom. BUt, since we finished the basement in the Utah house right before we moved, I can hang it in the playroom when/if we move back.. LOLDSC_0346BeginAlphabetWall

I started with the letter “A” and kept hangin’ with letters until “Z”. I used 3M command strips on most of the letters. A very few, I had to use nails. So, this will be easy to take down..

DSC_0380closeupE DSC_0352AlphabetWall

I have found a few new letters and they have been duly added to the wall. I have a new letter “E” and mirrored letter “S”.DSC_0384LetterX

The letter X is an actual letterpress letter that they would have used in newspaper printings. How cool is that!?!DSC_0358Playroom

The playroom complete with vintage suitcases filled with dress-ups for Bear.


The playroom has an alphabet magnetic board to learn letters and lots of toys to inspire the imagination and a kitchen set to cook up a storm!


Now the alphabet is in a proper playroom and it’s ready for play!

ABC Playroom


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