Thursday, March 22, 2012

Family Orchard Gallery Wrap Photos


My family had pictures taken this fall by Shannon Elizabeth Photography. I love taking my kids photos but, I can’t take family photos when I am supposed to be in them. Kind of difficult!! These gallery wrap photos were a Christmas Present from my husband. Of course, if you take into account that I purchased them on Groupon last fall and got a killer deal on them(like 75%off, plus free shipping)….I guess it was technically me buying my own Christmas present. But, this is what I wanted for Christmas and when he asked I told him gallery wrap photos. He gave me a raised eyebrow expression and said, “And WHERE do I buy THOSE!!” I told him I already bought them on Groupon but, needed to print pictures, make sure the lighting was perfect and I would probably be ready to order them around Christmas. (Yes, I sound like a perfectionist taking so long here but, I really did want to make sure the pictures were perfect before I blew them up to this size and could see every little imperfection. See, you all understand, RIGHT?? Sometimes it is a good thing to be a perfectionist. LOL)

DSC_0349Here is the wall where I finally decided to hang the gallery wrap photos. I originally wanted them above the stairs but, I did have a fancy ladder that would allow me to hang photos on a tall wall, actually I don’t even HAVE a ladder, so I chose this wall as my next best choice. It has been blank forever and needed something!DSC_0423

The wall was laid out on the floor and I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted things before I started winging it. I should have used my hanging photo tricks but, I got lazy and didn’t want to cut out huge paper replica’s of these pictures. Take my advise and do my gallery wall hanging tricks and you won’t have to rehang two of your pictures like I did before I came up with this grouping. DSC_0349DSC_0443

BEFORE and AFTER      

I love how the pictures stand out from the wall and because the picture wraps the edge, you don’t need frames. Yeah!!! More money saved!!DSC_0444

It’s funny that I just got these hung in time to have to take them down in two months but, I get to enjoy them now and I already know how I will probably hang them again. Plus, who wants these beautiful pictures sitting in a box…right….get enjoyment!! I’ve only been waiting since last fall to see these pictures go from an idea of an orchard to beautiful pictures on the wall….gallery wrapped no less!! Merry Christmas to me……just a few months behind schedule….although, getting these pictures one-by-one by the brown UPS sleigh was like Christmas every time one showed up. It was fun for the kids too because they would all try to guess whose picture had come in the mail….anticipation/fun for everyone!!


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