Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hanging My Sister's Gallery Wall

My sister has wanted to hang a gallery wall incorporating her baby pictures that she had hanging on the wall. Her husband bought her two packs of black picture frames and she also received a beautiful temple picture that she wanted part of the gallery wall. 
This is the original wall. It had her baby pictures to one side of the tv unit (that now has its hutch removed to be more modern) and a clock to the left. It was screaming for a gallery wall! 
To make a gallery wall super easy to hang the first step is to trace each of the picture frames and have a paper template of each frame. You also measure on the back of each frame where the nail would hang. This will be important for later.
We used any left over paper that we had available to make the templates of the frames and the "family" word. 
Then it's play time!!! We started with making the gallery wall square on the left side and started to work our way to the right.....which we didn't like.....and kept playing with. We knew we needed to round the left side to match the right side. The ceiling slopes down so we needed to incorporate that slope.
We then moved the top left corner so it's not so square because it didn't balance the other side of the wall because the ceiling tapers down. We just picked up the peices of paper and would move things around until we liked it better. 
My sister and I are picky about it being just we kept playing...without putting any holes in her wall. The paper made it possible to move "frames" around without damaging the wall. Plus you get to see what it will look like without ever nailing a hole in the wall! Genious!! 
The last step is the easiest! You use the template papers to know where to place your nail. Each paper was marked where you are to put the nail so all you have to do is to place the nail directly over the paper and nail it through the paper. 
Then the paper rips right off and you are left with a nail in PERFECT position for your frame!! 
Now.....just a few more picture frames.....simple because I already know where every nail is going to go. 
 Here is the wall all hung with the picture we just need to replace the "fake" people in the frames.
LEFT SIDE (with Kung Fu Panda on the tv....ha ha....probably should have turned that off before I took photos....but, it wasn't worth disturbing five kids) 
RIGHT SIDE (in need of pictures in the frame and poster tac to make sure they stay perfectly straight no matter who slams a door) 
I love how the pictures look perfectly placed and all it took was making a template so it takes only 1 nail hole per picture frame. Simple and looks perfect!! Now she needs to fill the frame with family photos of her cute THAT will be the fun part!

Cassy Final

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word this makes it so foolproof! I'm afraid to try this in my house but this looks like a task I can complete. Thank you!


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