Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Candy Jars


This year for Valentine’s I went with a mostly Red/White theme for my Valentine’s Candy Jars. Let’s face it, I still had peppermint lifesavers (red/white) left over from Christmas and White Chocolate covered pretzels (white). So it was easy to add a little more red for Valentine’s. I added kit kats (red of course), swedish fish(also red) and airheads (mostly reds, although there happen to be pink too… I didn’t know air heads also had a pink lemonade flavor but, BONUS!)DSC_0198

I hung my bubbly red heart from the lamp switch.


The Swedish fish candy jar is the one I packed in my suitcase (in between an encyclopedia box and rulers…ha ha…I know, only me right?) and brought back with me from Kansas. I love using it!


Can you tell what is the kids favorite? Sour red cherry balls from Brach’s. I would have filled them before this picture but, I can only find them at Smith’s Grocery Store and I am not going to this store for one item, so they will have to wait. They only come out at Valentine’s so, they are a treat for the kids.


Chocolate tree dripped in “Love” hearts.


I know this looks like a goofy decoration but, it’s my valentine alien that my parents sent to me while I was away at college. I was homesick and this has always been a happy memory. If you push it’s belly it says (in a far away, happy alien voice) “Happy Valentine’s Day” and if you push it again it says, “I love you!) I love my little red alien. SO, it’s gets a prominent display with all our families favorite Valentine Candies.


Happy Valentine’s Day (early) Everyone! Does anyone else have a sentimental Valentine gift that they have kept for years? EVEN COOLER, Does Anyone have a Valentine Alien TOO? Because to me, Valentine’s isn’t about the gift but, about the thought that was put behind it!


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ReDO GaLS said...

I love your Valentine Alien-So cute.


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